Locked in a closet

Locked In a Closet
Chaitanya Luktuke – for commendable entry in age category 9-11 years

I looked down at my pocket to
make sure I had my wallet .I had only got it yesterday, it was brown in color
and it had my name stamped on it and It was given to me by my father .I turned
around as I had heard a humming noise I was about to investigate but something
caught my eye .It was my wallet it was wedged inside an opening in the Janitors
closet .I grabbed the wallet and was about make of but I just heard the faint
click of the lock and found out that I was trapped in the closet .I was about
to panic but my brain told me that it wasn’t going to help so I tried to find
an object to break down the door. I looked around and found a rake, spade, a
door”hang on” a door! .I tried to wrench it open but the whole thing fell on
the floor .I saw that it had been used to cover some thing that looked like a
portal .I couldn’t resist the temptation so I 
took a deep breath and dived.
I instantly found myself
inside a green tunnel I was flying past figures when I suddenly shot out of
another portal and landed straight in the middle of a huge field it was
surrounded by aliens that looked like furry balls. I got up wincing and walked
towards the nearest alien and conversed with him .I found out that I was on
Pluto and that this was the yearly festival and the person who won would be
allowed to go on earth and live there forever .I asked the chief if I was
allowed to participate so I got ready .The things I needed were there at home
in my shed I had been working on inventions like gravity boots etc I asked  for my shed and it was immediately brought I
went inside for five minutes and reappeared wearing full body armor I had made
it my self. I got ready to battle I blasted my smoke bombs (I was still able to
see with my mask) but It didn’t have any effect. I was losing furiously until I
remembered that the only way to defeat a robot was to touch its antennas so
using my gravity boots I jumped and slammed down on his shoulder
But then I slipped and fell.
My suit suddenly turned and
shot sticky goo on the robots hinges and added quick drying cement on the
robots legs securing it to the ground.  I
then attached my rope to his antennae I swung to safety at the same Time smashing
both the antennas together and winning spectacularly .I was given a portal watch
that could open a portal any where I said goodbye to all my newly found friends
and set of .
5 Months Later
My parents searched my room today
for a passage as they were baffled when I wasn’t anywhere in the house for one
hour of course they didn’t think of a portal that would be to “out of the
world” for them.

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