Think Before You Leap

The invention of language was a giant step forward for humankind. It is impossible to imagine the void which humanity would have experienced, in the absence of this wonderful vehicle of communication. Our life would be so dull, awfully simple and devoid of exciting interaction. Then I re-access the situation and ruminate about the consequences of a life without language.  Wonderfully simple, sweet and convenient – I feel. Perhaps I could have escaped with a few grunts and growls when my new recipe failed to make its mark, as opposed to the full-fledged lecture on the hardships of “laboratory animals”. My husband insists on referring to himself and the kids as “poor laboratory animal” on such occasions. Our world would be smaller and cozier. Our husbands would not return home eager to put their fingers on the lifeless TV remote, I jealously ponder. They would be forced to kill time and shove ennui by giving us a hand at house chores and with the kids. The often unnecessary discussions that escalate into full-fledged battles would have no ground to gain root. What a heaven it would be, not to hear our sweet kids complaining notes, personalized verbal wars and endless demands.  At least we will be spared a few embarrassing moments for sure. There would be no incidences like, once when a kid screamed in the poor mother’s ear’s, “Mama …Aunty Look’s fat in that dress.” right in front of the victim and after the mother had complimented the aunty lavishly. The redeeming feature being, the scream was supposed to be a whisper. Of course, it became a little more audible then required. The memory of the irate looks of a certain elderly couple, whose tranquil moments at the movie hall, was wrecked by my young daughters incessant and apparently innocuous questions, still evokes goose bumps.
My thought process oscillates, and I am unable to be conclusive.  How would any mother live without hearing the sweet nothings from those innocent lips.  How can I ever skip those zesty chitchats with friends, my daily dose of natural mood boosters?  Now that I come to think of it, how could I ever do without some spicy cat and dogfights with my bitter (assuming I am the better half) half. These infuse new meaning and character to life. My mind travels towards a different domain. We teach our children things, as honesty is the best policy, speak your mind. Yet on the same plate, we also serve values like, avoid hurting others even with your words, hold your tongue and play along especially when guests are around. I am worried that we imbibe self-contradictory values in our children. Won’t they grow up as confused adults? We all enjoy our time with friends. A huge chunk of the fun time comprises of gossip and tit bits about others. There is a nagging itch however that we erode our souls when we backbite. I begin to see a little light and a new thread of thought emerges. Gossiping, speaking up, honesty everything comes with certain boundaries, certain limitations and restrictions. Freedom of speech or expression is not an absolute thing. Every kind of freedom comes with its relative restrictions and boundaries.  There is always the danger of misusing absolute freedom and abusing it, hence we have to put some reins on freedom. We are human and sometimes thoughtless, spiteful, purely ignorant or merely beaten by circumstances. Our mental state does sprout out through words. A Very wise man once said, words are like an arrow, once shot they cannot be taken back. It is best then to use them with care and love.  Our thoughtful act would save us from inflicting many unnecessary hurts.
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