Devanshu Mishra-  for being  5 and brave enough to spin out a story…..in age category 5-8 years
Rise of the Ghosts
There was a boy. He was bored. His friends called him on the phone. His friends told him to come to the park to play. He told ok. So they went to the park. They were playing. They saw a house. They went inside the house. They were walking,  walking, walking and walking. Then it was night. Then they were trying to open the door. But it didn’t open. They saw the stairs. They went up. One boy fell down. Three of them didn’t see that. Then they heard wings flapping outside the house. So the boy broke the door. Then the three went out. They saw ghosts flying outside. One ghost took one girl and put her on the roof. Then the boy and girl were fighting. One ghost’s sword fell down. The boy picked up the sword. Then a gun fell from the sky. The girl took the gun and then they killed all the ghosts. The monster came. So the girl fainted. Then the boy cut the legs and the hands and then the girl woke up and poked the monster’s eyes. A very, very big good  monster dinosaur fell.The good monster looked like the bad monster.The good monster dinosaur who fell told, “Sit on my back I will help you kill that dinosaur.” So they sat on his back and flew. They fought with the monster dinosaur and killed him.Then the good monster dinosaur took them up, and also helped the girl. They also took a rope to help the boy who had fallen to come out.
The End

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