Lessons in Love

Love Languages
Love it is said has a vocabulary of its own. What are the issues concerning interpersonal relationship and the “The Five Love Languages” which can help resolve conflicts in loving relationships. Intimate personal relationship between spouses, couples, friends, and families sustain on love and it is extremely important for health of such relationships. Hence communicating love effectively and efficiently is vital for the survival of such relationship. Lets categorize the vocabulary of love into 5 broad sets:
  • the words of affirmation
  • quality time
  • receiving concrete
  •  tangible gifts
  • the acts of service and physical touch.
Each individual understands and conveys a distinct language of love or relates better through one principle language of love. This categorization aids in better understanding ofthe  different varieties of languages that people use in love.Thus it enables better and unhindered communication of love. For example in the case of two individuals who are  from distinct cultures speaking distinct languages are unable to understand each other properly and there is always the risk of a communication gap and misunderstanding arising out of it. A better knowledge of each others language enables these two individuals not only to understand the other better but also to represent his/her feelings, views and stance in a effective manner. Similarly better understanding of the languages of love aids individual to encode and decode the message effectively. Verbal encouragement and appreciation is extremely important for certain people. For these individuals words of affirmation or assertion is a significant language of love. Many people feel loved and secure when they receive verbal support or approval and endorsement for their actions, decisions or physical appearance. Mark Twain for example remarked once that “I can live for two months on a good compliment”. Such verbal endorsement reassures a person in the face of difficult situations or personal feeling and insecurities he/she may be facing.

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