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Dubai is in the Arabian Peninsular and one of the 7 emirates of the UAE, it is
a global hub, with a cosmopolitan culture. It is a miniature urban globe,
housing only the best of the world, all shrunk into the desert retreat called
Dubai.  Opulence and extravagance are the
second name of this Oil rich emirate. Being the largest Gold traders of the
Gulf region, Dubai is rightly called as the City of Gold. With the myriad
choices, Dubai offers on every individual’s platter, one is spoilt for choices
. The Dubai experience  conjures up these
magical treats- opulent theme malls with duty free shopping,a true shoppers
paradise; modern architectural splendors with iconic designs; premium events;  art hub ; buzzing ports; tranquil beaches and
creek; expansive green zones and parks;multi-cuisine restaurants; sport and
adventure activities; conspicuous skyline reflecting the pulse of the city- the
list is endless. It is a city that truly entices and enthralls.Here is a
glimpse of the best 10 hot spots in Dubai. The list has been compiled to
include something for everyone’s taste. 

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