Lofita Abdelli- Tunisian Humorist In Dubai

Recently Buzzingtales got invited to Tunisian stand-up comedy superstar Lofita Abdelli’s show at Centerpoint Theater, DUCTAC, Mall of Emirates. The show is to be held on 9th January, Friday, 2015 and 10th January, Saturday, 2015. The show starts at 7:30 PM and promises to be as roaring a success as Abdelli’s previous shows. Inquisitive to know more about this young entertainer, Buzzingtales did a little background research and found out that apart from his capability to entertain Abdelli is conceived to be a new age revolutionary by the radical Islamist group heading the Salafist Movement in Tunisia. In August 2012 his show 100% Halal was obstructed by Salafist’s who prayed in the space reserved for the humorists performance and thus oppressed his cultural freedom. Human beings have the immense potential to become either a creative or destructive force. Both energies have tremendous power to influence. What is interesting is that the methods to vent these energies are limited only by the boundaries of ones imagination. Revolution against domination, dictatorship and subjugation is old as the tendency of humans to dominate. Buzzingtales is all about freedom of expression, and hence very curious to find out how this young humorist destabilizes attempts to threaten his right to express.

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