‘Where a kid can be a kid’- Chuck E. Cheese

As a one stop destination for the perfect family day out, Chuck E. Cheese’s offers the perfect fun proposition for children and parents alike. Located in Dubai Outlet Mall, this unique recreational space consist of a 50,000 sq ft, that includes a food court with a sit down pizza restaurant and an incredible playground with arcade machines and more that 200 games and rides for kids and adults.
Chuck E. Cheese’s food court offers freshly made specialty pizzas along with choice of toppings as well as, an outstanding salad bar, a wide range of appetizers, sandwiches and meals to choose from, giving  guests a healthy and wonderful experience to take home.
On the playground, kids and parents can enjoy an expense arcade machines area complemented by more than 200 games including: driving games and rides, sky tube, bowling, ice skating, toddler zone and Studio ‘C’ which has a lot of indoor arcade attractions aimed towards bringing people of all ages together.


If that’s not enough, families can take a little bit of Chuck E. Cheese’s experience home with them from the Merchandise shop. Armed with the winning tickets to the merchandise area, visitors can claim their kid’s rewards, wherein the child gets to choose from coolest Chuck E. Cheese’s merchandise items to hottest new toys and gizmos.
Security is crucial for Chuck E. Cheese’s. Every member of a party – adult and kid; family or group – gets a unique hand stamp upon arrival. This is verified upon their exit to ensure families who come together, leave together.

One of the most beautiful Family Entertainment Centre and Restaurant Chuck E. Cheese’s offers a unique family day out at very nominal rates and amazing discounts during the week.

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