Gardens By Design- Ashleigh Manley


Movenpick Hotels & Apartment BurDubai is currently hosting the art exhibition Gardens by Design, by renowned Australian artist,  Ashleigh Manley, for the 4th time from 1st May- 24th May 2015. The art works displayed in the 1st floor of MovenPick have been conceptualized and inspired by the Middle Eastern as well as Australian gardens.

The exhibits are a feast for the senses with vivid and contrasting color themes, depicting the vibrant Australian outback in some and the subtle ambiance of desert in others.

In his career spanning over 40 years Ashleigh has won numerous awards. He has exhibited in over 50 locations in Australia as well as worldwide, including Dubai. Encountering some one of such stellar experience and caliber is awe inspiring. However the Artist instantly put us at ease with his cheerful childlike demeanor. On being asked about why he paints abstract, Ashleigh stated that abstract elements enable people to look at things more carefully, and takes their thought process to different levels. On being asked about how he likes Dubai, Ashleigh said, he has been here 5 times and each time has been special. “It’s an honor to be at Movenpick.”

Robert Barker, GM of Movenpick Hotels and Apartments BurDubai , stated that “It’s our  pleasure to welcome Ashleigh back to the hotel.”He further reiterated that the artist’s new spring collection will infuse new vibe to the hotel.

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