Centrepoint’s New Autumn/Winter 2015, Dubai

Centrepoint announced their new Autumn/Winter collection featuring stylish clothing and accessories for the entire family. The collection includes pieces that are ideal for the time of year and that are bound to make a statement.


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Buzzingtales got to preview this smashing new collection first-hand. Centrepoint’s new Autumn/ Winter Collection resplendent with vibrant colors, chic & stylish clothing can effortlessly raise the bar of your style quotient. The wide range of styles and colors available for the entire family ascertains that just about everyone can find something special. Fashion is about being your-self and having the choice to experiment/express freely. The new collection gives you the opportunity to become your own stylist and create a fashion statement.

 From stylish formals to casual chic looks, from vibrant youthful colors to subtle classy hues- for men, women and children- there is so much to experiment mix and match. Yes, you are truly spoilt for choice. What’s more is that the prizes are super affordable.

Men bags and the trendy half shoes really grabbed our attention. Little boys chic casuals and smart formals left us feeling overwhelmed. Boys now days have no reason to complain about plain old shirt and pants. Centerpoint’s new collection make sure every young dude makes their presence felt.

As for the little damsels, the choices are endless. The range of clothing will make every little girl feel like they have arrived at the ultimate fashion destination. You can be your sporty best, be the girl next door, or the wow girl at a party. Stylish accessories and jewelry to accentuate any look caught our eyes too.

The new collection is not limited to only clothing and accessories. The home décor section had so many mesmerizing pieces. Buzzingtales especially loved the classic mirror & dresser and the Buddha sculpture. But wait this is just the tip of the ice berg. Be it your family, yourself you’re your home the new Autumn/winter collection 2015 is bound to make it a trend setter.

Minakhee Mishra

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