La Serre’s enchanting, new kids menu

On a dreamy November afternoon, (20th  November, 2015) Buzzingtales was left utterly charmed  by La Serre Boulangerie’s ambiance, as well as, its Chef crafted limited edition Gouter Menu, prepared in celebration of National Children’s Day. The scrumptious, kid friendly menu, custom made for children, is available between 3 PM- 6 PM at La Serre. It’s healthy yet delicious mini-delights is bound to fascinate both kids as well as parents.


We approached La Serre Boulangerie, and were instantly captivated by the electrifying ambiance of Downtown Dubai, which was enriched by the Parisian street café magic of La Serre. The gorgeous two-storey glass facade, comprising of a bistro on the first floor, and a traditional Parisian boulangerie on the ground floor is a local hub, bursting with activity.

We went in through opulent Vida Hotel, and were lead to a grandiose staircase running upstairs to the Bistro. Overlooking the Boulevard below is an elegant room complete with marble cocktail bar and cream banisters. The Bistro downstairs has a vibrant open dinning space, overlooking the chic downtown Dubai’s street. Apart from the Chef’s table, a charming room with seating 12 as well as the adjoining kitchen is housed in the Bistro. The bistro offers rich Mediterranean menu and is open for both lunch and dinner.



Laughter of small kids enjoying the story-telling sessions, kids activity, coloring and mini delicacies, echoed though out the place, uplifting our  spirits. The gaiety prevalent at the Bistro was infectious. We relished the freshly made, refreshing orange juice & mint tea, while the kids savored the coconut chocolate milk, served with finger licking salmon , salad and wholesome bread. The flavorful aromas and delicate tastes tantalized our senses. If that was not enough, we were also presented with freshly baked breads, delightful mini pastries, chocolate sauce as well as sour cream fruit.






The extra soft sour cream with colorful blue berries, red berries, black berries and straw berries, was my personal favorite.   We enjoyed the warm hospitality of the ever-smiling staffs, who took care of the little ones as the parents put their hair down to relax. Buzzingtales found an endearing, idyllic Oasis in La Serra, full of all the goodness of old world French charm. The new kids menu is a must try for all the little dudes & divas.




IMG_8877Buzzingtales found out that La Serre Bistro and Boulangerie in Dubai’s Downtown district is the first local restaurant to receive the Snail of Approval award from the Slow Food organisation. Head chef Izu Ani  (former executive chef of the La Petite Masion) considers this a huge honor, which reflects his motto of “cooking the right way”. Each of the dishes presented on the kids menu, reverberated with the Chef’s conscientious effort not just to cook up something tasty but also with much thought about crafting a healthy and tasty meal.



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