Seriously Comic – Dubai Comedy Festival

Seriously, what’s life without a bit of comedy? If you ask me it has to be something like – A cup of Baskin Robbins ice-cream cup, filled with lemon juice. Eikes!! Dubai however, threw no such disappointments our way. The city earnestly readied itself for a big dose of laughter as the first ever leading comedy event – Dubai Comedy Festival – descended upon Dubailanders.  Starting from 15th October to 24th October , 2015, this 10 day comedy affair, treated the residents to many unforgettable bone tickling moments. Live stage performances and street shows which were hallmark of Dubai Comedy Festival prepared the residents for a massive list of festivals that are making way to the city soon. Dubai is all set to become a global force in the events and entertainment world.

At the fore front of the Comedy Festival were the 2 comic giants from America, Trevor Noah and Dave Chapelle. Various international comic stalwarts like Hannibal Buress, Jerrod Carmichael and Mac king as well as local Arabic talents like Bader Saleh and Ali Al Sayed joined the comic forces to form a formidable team for the Dubai Comedy Festival. Indian expats had reason to rejoice, with scintillating shows like the Desi Invasion and comedy plays like The Siddhu’s Of Upper Juhu, lined up. Sky dive Dubai hosted the main events at a purpose built venue specifically for the Comedy Shows.

As Buzzingtales approached the venue to attend the popular Mac King show on the Etisalat family day, it was just thrilled to see the skydivers dropping in from the blue sky with abandon. The atmosphere was electrifying, what with magnetic music, power packed beat- boxers, titillating aroma of food emerging from food stalls of all possible variety.  We had just one thing to do and that is, to sit back and enjoy the show.

Mac King the proved that he was indeed the king of both magic and comedy. This American magician had a whole lot of tricks rolled up his sleeves and kept the audience mesmerized effortlessly thought out his performance. It was a particularly unforgettable memory for certain lucky members of the audience who got to participate with the king of Comedy on stage. The audience cringed up their noses as Mac King swallowed the earthworm and brought it back unharmed at the most unexpected moment. With both adults and kids taking home barrel loads of laughter the Mac King show turned out to be a smashing hit.

Buzzingtales strongly believes that a family that has fun together stays together. With so many exciting events and family friendly festivals lined up this winter, Dubai is the coolest place to chill around with your family and friends.

Minakhee Mishra

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