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It’s not every day that you run into the indomitable Satyanweshi, The “Truth seeker” from the hit Indian TV serialDetective Byomkesh Bakshi . The National award winning actor & director – awarded for his scintillating portrayal of Mahatma Gandhi in the “Making of Mahatma”- Rajit Kapur, is here in Dubai to tickle your funny bones along with Shernaz Patel -another acting power house – through their hit play “The Siddhus Of Upper Juhu”.

The Siddhus Of Upper Juhu”, produced by Indian Theater group Rage and directed by Rahul da Cunha  has been garnering rave reviews in theaters across India, and is all set for its International debut on 15th  & 16thOctober 2015 at Ductac, Mall Of Emirates, as part of the Dubai Comedy Festival. Brought to UAE by ADSS, the 100 min English comedy play, is resplendent with witty dialogues and an innovative yet realistic storyline where the audience finds comic reprieve emanating from a gloomy life situation.

Synopsis: Set in urban Mumbai, India, The Siddhus of Upper Juhu is the story of a middle-aged, middle-income couple who are trying hard to sail past the troubled waters they have landed in. Their 2-bedroom house in Upper Juhu, already  bombarded with problems – of stinking garbage, howling stray dogs, incessant BMC drilling, noise pollution and walls too thin to keep out neighbours’ conversations –  is struck by a mammoth jolt when Balvinder, aka, Bubbles Siddhu, the man of the house is sacked from his job. With troubles escalating Bubbles eventually suffers a nervous breakdown. His simple wife Behroze has to transform into the bread-winner overnight. Will the family be able to cope with the situations and move on with life? Find out for yourself! As The Siddhus of Upper Juhu makes uproarious attempts to tide though their troubles more characters pour in, creating a story that will have the audience in splits.

 The Actors Speak :

Shernaz Patel the talented actress who won the audience’s hearts with her touching debutant Bollywood  performance in Mahesh Bhatt’s TV film Janam,in 1986 has acted in numerous films (like Black, Guzarish) and theatrical roles since.

Playing the female lead in the play The Siddhu’s of Upper Juhu Shernaz, says, “Most people living in urban cities will relate to the tale of the Siddhu’s. It is not just a story about Balbinder who loses his job, but also about a woman who steps out of her life- long role of a housewife into the shoes of the bread-winner. Behroze, is a simple lady at heart and though becoming the sole earner is empowering she is ready to give it up at the first opportunity. Her dilemma is to overcome her discomfort & insecurities and learn fast on her feet to become the family support system.

In The Siddhus of Upper Juhu, all that people love – and hate-but-can’t-live-without – about Mumbai comes to the fore, and will certainly trigger a nostalgic trip for those who’ve lived there. For others, this will be a laugh riot and an introduction to the metropolis like never before.”

Rajit Kapur the inimitable dons a new avatar as Bubbles alias Balbinder Siddhu a 50 year old faced with more than just the calamity of lost youth. Asked about any deeper message communicated through the play Mr. Kapur answered with a twinkle in his eyes “Come see the play!”

He further added “There is no explicit attempt to provide a message. It’s left to the audience sensibilities to take home any interpretation they can derive from the play. Our attempt has been to present a slice of life and how The Siddhus in particular cope with it and get on with life. The Siddhus are a typical urban family besieged with problems that most people will be able to identify with. But the twist lies in the way they deal with their problems and that’s what makes them so endearing and such fun. The story is not just about Balvinder and Behroze – that’s me and Shernaz. It’s about thousands of people who face a similar situation every day and learn to deal with it in their own way.”

How Easy Or Difficult Is It To Portray Comedy?

Shernaz says “The play belongs to the comedy journo but comedy emanates from the real life incidences portrayed. There is no attempt to exaggerate or force it.”

Rajit Kapur feels that “Comic timing is imperative in slapstick comedies. Acting with an actress of Shernaz’s caliber makes it easy. We have been doing plays together for a long time now. We share a great comfort level that translates into apt understanding of each other’s comic timing.”


Rajit stated, “Since theater involves communication with a live audience each stage performance is unique. Every audience has a different energy, and as actors we bring in our distinct energies.”

Shernaz added “As actors we are trying to remain true to a particular script, a vision of the director & writer so the full-stops and commas are more or less pre-stated.”

Any Slippery Moment?

Asked to recall any embarrassing moments on stage both the illustrious actors found it difficult to hard to recollect. However Rajit affirmed that during one such instant he felt “quiet lonely on stage”. Buzzingtales is sure the awestruck audience would not have an inkling of his loneliness.

Bit By Acting Bug!

Shernaz recounted that being born into the family of Gujarati stage veterans Ruby and Burjor Patel theater was ingrained in her at an early age.

For Rajit theater and acting has always been a passion rather than a career. The eminent actor & successful businessman creates a harmonious symphony between work and passion.

Language Wangwage J

Known for his acting caliber in Malayalam Film Agni Sakshi, Rajit has acted in 5 different languages including Punjabi, Bengali & Malayalam. Rajit says “I love enacting plays in varied languages. I cannot cram a few sentences without fully comprehending them. I take care to learn the language. Malayalam was the toughest nut to crack.”

Dimple Mitra of ADSS (short for advertising, design and strategic solution)   who brought the play to Dubai, said: “Many situations in life, however depressing, have a comic side to them, and laughing at our troubles actually helps deal with them better. The Siddhus of Upper Juhu is a light, yet honest attempt to highlight the troubles of living in a complex and bustling city like Mumbai. Some in the audience may even relate to the Siddhus; they may recognise a family member or a neighbor or a colleague in them. This very familiarity will touch a chord with the viewers who will find themselves completely involved in the family’s affairs, and yet at the same time will be laughing away at the entertaining action on the stage.

ADSS has always endeavored to bring quality plays to the UAE audience which boasts of classy storylines and seasoned actors. We have attempted to present theatre that people can identify with, and at the same time delivers intellectual content and food for thought.”

The stalwart actors have always held the audience captive with their convincing portrayals and Buzzingtales can’t wait to see them create magic on stage with TheSiddhus Of Upper Juhu at Ductac. So Buzzingtales is all set to grab a hilarious “Slice Of Life”  and drown in humor that’s close to heart!!!

  • What: The Siddhus of Upper Juhu

o    100 minutes Comedy Play by Indian Theatre Group Rage

o    Language: English

  • Date and Time: October 15,, 2015 at 8:00 p.m.  & October 16, 2015 at 8:00 p.m.

o    Gates open 7:30 p.m.

  • Where: Centrepoint, Theatre Ductac, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai
  • Ticket price: Silver: AED 100, Gold: AED 200, Diamond: AED 300, VIP: AED 500
  • For tickets and information, please call 04 3414777 / 04 457 3212


  • Organised by ADSS, contact: 04 369 2128 or 056 2746089 for sponsorships and association opportunities or send an email to

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