Zaman Awal – Heaven On Earth at Al Boom Tourist Village

 Dubai is not short of  heavenly destinations and with the weather being extra benign the beaches, creek and parks  have assumed an unprecedented magical charm. Al Boom Tourist Village situated in the heart of Bur Dubai, launches its new extension ‘Zaman Awal’ and re-opens its doors to locals and tourists alike showcasing a refurbished enticing venue, starting from 19 December 2015.

At the press preview Buzzingtales was mesmerized by seamless intertwine of  natural beauty of the pristine blue of the creek, with rich Arabic culture, authentic cuisine, enigmatic & skillful architecture of Mr. Mattar bin Lahej and the smart modern infusion in terms of entertainment brought in by Mohammed Saeed Harib, creator of Freej cartoon.

“Al Boom Tourist Village aims to be the one-stop destination for locals and foreigners who wish to be taken back to the old days and visit the true heritage of Dubai. There are many different areas within Al Boom Village that highlight the true essence of Emirati hospitality. We are re-opening our venue with a complete new re-branding and look of our signature restaurant, now known as Zaman Awal”, said Hamad Harib, Chairman of Al Boom Tourist Village.


Zaman Awal refers to bringing back old heritage with a new twist; the restaurant within the venue will serve Emirati food in a modern yet traditional setting. From the café in a boat, poetry on the ceiling, the walls adored with artifacts, fishnet & shamiyana sitting areas outdoors, to the wash basins in the bath room Zaman Awal dazzles visitors.

The Zaman Awal Restaurant carries the age-old folklore of UAE’s heritage with its spot right at the Dubai Creek. A unique concept combined with traditional settings will awe its visitors towards a new level. The interiors of the restaurant will glide through the history of Dubai and its development through time and the food served at the restaurant will reflect delicacies of typical local food as well as some fusion dishes to cater to different taste buds. Offering a breathtaking view of the Creek, Zaman Awal Restaurant is open on all days for buffet lunch and A la Carte dinner.


Speaking on the locality and design of the venue, Mattar bin Lahej, said: “Al Boom Tourist Village spans over 6 hectares of land, with this premiere destination sitting in close proximity to the cultural landmarks, Dubai Creek, Wonderland and Garhoud Bridge whilst overlooking the modern architectural icon – The Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest building.  In addition to its signature restaurant, the venue offers many other reasons for tourists and locals to visit. Each of these elements have been designed keeping in mind the true artifacts of an Emirati lifestyle and aims to take visitors back in time to the history of our land”.

Al Aref boat, also called Al Boom, is a 80-year-old boat that was used by the local forefathers for traveling between Dubai and various parts of Asia. Currently in the process of being established as a maritime museum, the lower deck is devoted to traditional artifacts and the upper deck as an Arabian inspired coffee shop. Guests are encouraged to discover the wondrous history of Dubai’s historical commercial maritime industry, after which they can relax and contemplate all they have learned at the scenic coffee shop atop.


The Freej Village’s architectural and modern design is inspired by the famous cartoon sitcom and uses its characters at various locations to mark buildings. Some of these buildings are used as heritage sites while others are available to hire for retail purposes and will be used for different festivals and events planned at Zaman Awal. “The Freej cartoon pays homage to the Emirati culture and is a very popular sitcom amongst the locals here, therefore we chose it to add more character to our venue whilst showcasing the culture of our land. We will also install TV screens within the windows of the Freej houses where people can interact with their favourite characters,” said Mohammed Saeed Harib, creator of Freej cartoon.

Another interesting addition to the venue is the Dara ship, also known as the Gulf’s Titanic. Very few people in the region are aware about the history behind this ship, adding it to the venue will allow people to learn more about the travel history of Dubai. The Dara ship was used for travelling purposes along the Gulf countries and it carried from about 850 to 1000 people, the ship sank in the Persian Gulf in 1961 due to an explosion. Many rescued passengers were brought back to Dubai and were treated for injuries at Al Maktoum Hospital.


The event will feature a spectacular show of fireworks and a live show depicting the lifestyle of traditional fishermen and life at the sea – the ‘Old Dubai’. A bazaar with traditional merchandise will be put up by Dubai Women Association, further enhancing the true cultural experience for all visitors.

In addition to the above features, there are about four dhow cruises available for dinner and touring around the Creek. Sailing in traditional boats is also offered at the venue, offering a full recreational experience for the entire family. Al Boom Tourist Village has been in operation for the last 33 years and is highly recognized as being one of the leading outdoor catering companies in Dubai, with branches in Abu Dhabi, Al Dhafra, and Sharjah.

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