K-FOOD FAIR Debuts In Dubai

The three-day event dedicated to South Korean cuisine and culture made its UAE debut.

__o6FS0YXzH06zlg0n3_wICSDn6v9gsr0su1Bv0a2QEThe South Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA)– in association with Korea Agro-Fisheries and Trade Corporation (aT)–will showcase South Korea’s culinary potential with the first ever K-Food Fair in Dubai. In celebration of South Korea’s rich array of creative talent and culinary prowess, Dubai is the destination for two events — a business to business (B2B) platform that took place on Thursday, 26 November to encourage greater trade links between the two countries with an introductory Halal seminar and a VIP introductory, cultural buyer’s dinner to offer a glimpse into the K Food Fair. In addition, both residents and tourists  experienced a diversity of South Korean dishes in a food fair took place on 27-28th November in Zabeel Park. Serving as a platform for UAE entrepreneurs to interact with Korean exporters and facilitate business opportunities in the region, a B2B focused discussion and presentation took place on the 26th of November.

The agenda started at 11:30am with an introductory Korean Food seminar with topics touching on Halal Korean food in the region and the evolution of incorporation through online platforms by Mr. Rushdi Siddiqui, the CEO of Zilzar Tech. A VIP Buyer’s reception and food tasting took place in the evening to showcase business opportunities between the Emirates and South Korea; factoring in the growth in demand for Korean cuisine throughout the UAE over the past few years. Following an opening ceremony on Friday, 27 November at Zabeel Park, the UAE’s cultural community can enjoy a carefully curated schedule of Korean entertainment throughout the day.


Those new to Korean cuisine  also had the opportunity to start their culinary journey through South Korea with the numerous Food & Beverage choices on offer in addition to experiential programmes for all guests, including interactive demonstrations and a chance to win prizes. The inaugural K-Food Fair included a lineup of quirky contests for families and friends at Zabeel Park over the weekend, with contests to include tangerine eating, persimmon stacking, picking ginseng with chopsticks, and culinary trivia questions. Featuring a captivating mix of South Korean games, entertainment, cuisine and activities, the weekend offered numerous opportunities for fun and exploration of a new culture for the whole family.


“The increased number of tourists from the Middle East to South Korea, including the growth of Korean restaurants in the UAE indicated the ideal time to launch the first-ever K-FOOD Fair to introduce to Dubai. Creating new business opportunities for both communities while enabling the UAE’s residents to experience South Korea’s best-loved dishes is our key objective, and we look forward to sharing and establishing Korean food and culture more abundantly within the diverse landscape of the Emirates,” said Chung-Sik Yoo, Executive Vice President of Food Industry and Export Promotion for Korea Agro-Fisheries and Trade Corporation (aT). For more information visit



Over the weekend of the 27th and 28th of November, Zabeel Park was home to the K-Food Fair; that brought a new kind of festivity to Dubai. The opening ceremony brought a cultural introduction of Korea to the community of the UAE. Exciting activities at the event & included a myriad of contests that came with prizes. The whole family had a great time competing for the fastest apple juice drinking time to watching thrilling Tae-Kwan-Do performances by the expert martial artists. Korean culture is known for its flair and vibrant soul.

With something for everyone, the K Food Fair dazzled and entertained friends, family and guests with dancers, singers, and other riveting, cultural performances.


About K Food Fair (Korean Food Fair):

Global K-Food Fair is a the concept of an integrated fair, in which the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affair and Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation visit regions and/or countries with high demand in Korean food. The K-Food Fair combines the fun and family-friendly atmosphere of a lively eating celebration with the culture and tradition of Korea. The K-Food Fair includes food and beverage tastings, experiential programs, and events for the local community to experience over the course of two full days. With a strong focus on developing relationships between businesses, each event’s itinerary includes a whole day of the K-Food Fair devoted to business to business(B2B) which allows local importers to meet with Korean exporters and forge long lasting partnerships. By having the opportunity to meet with exporters face-to-face, business can be conducted more easily.


About Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of Korea (MAFRA) The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of Korea has three major goals: increase income for farmers, better welfare for rural areas, and improve agricultural competitiveness. Their efforts go into developing agriculture into an industry that supports public health while also helping develop rural villages into places of well-being. Policy success is based on public trust. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has a trustworthy reputation due to their constant communications with farmers and the public. They promote a creative and smart agricultural administration that better fits with the new, constantly changing world. They are committed to the policy of “Hopeful Agriculture, Lively Rural Areas, Happy People” by creating better agriculture, forestry, livestock and agri-food industries and rural areas with farmers and the public.


TqLTXPX9agAbg6KV4QTFig4Ih5XfAfK9S03R91quaikAbout Korean Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp (aT) The mission of the aT is to contribute to secure domestic and overseas competitiveness of agricultural products, increase the incomes of farming and fishing households and balance development of Korean economy. They are a world-class public corporation leading the future agricultural product industry through export and distribution. By nurturing the food industry, exporting business, and seeking distribution channels and focusing on innovation, they are pushing the boundaries of Korean food.


About Zilzar Zilzar is a newly built company for Muslims, by Muslims. Originally presented at Idea Pad, Zilzar was founded in October 2014 in the United States by Rushdi Siddiqui. They have created a platform for Muslims to interact with other Halal vendors and buyers. It’s been coined as an “Ali Baba for Muslims” and it’s quickly gaining traction in the Muslim community. So far this year, over 20,000 companies have joined Zilzar to do business on its intelligent platform with like-minded individuals. With 14 main product categories that covers almost every kind of good, Zilzar expanded from the US to Malaysia, to Singapore, to now aims to cater to all 1.57 billion Muslims in the world.

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