Mamas & Papas Stir-up Christmas Festivities

When Buzzingtales was invited for the festive celebration at Mamas & Papa’s we sensed that this was going to be a memorable occasion for the kids.Weekends are much-awaited points in life as everyone looks forward to a chilled, out relaxed time with family and friends. With the festive seasons hanging like mistletoe, expectations are especially high about what the city has to offer in terms of entertainment.

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Mamas & Papas, an international designer brand with a comprehensive array of nursery products, invited all to get into the festive spirit at their Dubai Mall branch. Their stylish and comfortable blend of cloth-line caught our attention instantly. The obvious Christmas touch in the décor was endearing and inviting. We were ushered into an area where all the action was taking place. A quaint snowy little wooden home with a beautifully decked Christmas tree greeted us. Inside a vivacious elf enacted stories out of the world of dreams as Children with chubby cheeks and wide eyes listened with rapt attention.

A realist bonfire added an element of warmth. A worktable with glitter clues of every discernable color, decorative ribbons, glitter, and decorative balls were was laid out for the kids. Tiny tots and artistic adults indulged in the Christmas spirit as they decorated colorful balls and hung with on the tree. Buzzingtales had a chilled out time. For all chilling out at Mamas and Papas, there was warm hot chocolate cookies and cherry mocktails to soar the spirit ever higher.


Minakhee Mishra

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