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On 17th January 2016 the multi-award winning restaurant COYA Dubai invited select media audience to preview the unveiling of Peruvian artist and journalist, Luiz Chumpitaz’s first exhibition in UAE. Buzingtales fascinated by the exhibits, the venue, delectable bites, ambience as well as the toe-tapping beats.  As the leader in one of the growing trends of F&B artistic collaborators, COYA Dubai started 2016 with the opportunity to showcase the work of Luiz Chumpitaz. With the passing of each year, COYA Dubai has been celebrating and welcoming each New Year with positive changes, goals and resolutions. After successfully establishing itself as Dubai’s favourite Latin American dining outlet in 2015, COYA Dubai inaugurated 2016 with sensational new changes to start the year with a bang.

World-renowned for its multi-sensory dining experiences, COYA Dubai continues to lead the lifestyle and restaurant scene with something new to stimulate each of the senses. Starting from the first week of January, the creative team at COYA have introduced spectacular new dishes to its popular menu, a new art installation by internationally-acclaimed Peruvian artist Luis Chumpitaz and the highly anticipated ceviche and pisco making master classes, now open to the public.


COYA Dubai’s extensive menu reach greater heights to suit even the most discerning diner with heartier dishes like the Chuleton Wagyu (juicy wagyu beef rib with field mushrooms) and the Paletilla de Cordero (a 1.3kg suckling lamb shoulder with grilled corn and chilli butter), and a seafood alternative with Langosta al Josper (lobster marinated in chimichurri sauce with cucumbers and avocado salad) and for the  vegetarians Alcachofa ceviche (artichoke ceviche with peppers, avocado and aji lemon) and Tofu y Verduras Anticuchos (tofu skewers with peppers, courgettes and quinoa). With something for everyone, the new dishes at COYA Dubai also present traditional meals with a twist with the Cangrejo tacos (crab tacos with cucumber and avocado) and the delicious vegetarian Maki Roll de Aguacate y Sesamo Negro (avocado maki roll with shiitake mushrooms, aji lemon, quinoa and black sesame) – all which are perfect to share with friends and family.

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2016 sees the expansion of COYA Dubai’s collective as Peruvian-born artist Luis Chumpitaz presents his latest work, “OCEANICA” at the COYA Member’s Club highlighting an established and successful creative career. Known for his skilful renderings of deep, thought-provoking pieces with masterful use of colour and form, Chumpitaz, personally showcased his Dubai exhibition debut at COYA Dubai on Sunday January 17th.


Guests can enhance their culinary and mixology skills as Dubai welcomes the start of some of the city’s most vibrant masterclasses from ceviche making to making the perfect pisco sour. With a new dish for every day of the week, art exhibitions and COYA Dubai’s expert team share their knowledge during courses on a featured topic each month, the year with Dubai’s favourite Latin American haunt just got better.

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About Luis Chumpitaz


Luis Chumpitaz is a Peruvian artist and journalist who lives and works in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Born in 1970, in Lima, he studied fine arts and graphic design at the Arts Faculty of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru before moving to Spain to study journalism at the University of Navarra. Well known for creating award-winning newspaper infographics based on fine arts illustrations and data visualization, he is also recognized as a multidisciplinary designer and visual artist. His paintings, illustrations and mixed-media artworks have been exhibited in Peru, Spain, China, United Arab Emirates and Czech Republic.


unspecifiedAbout “Oceanica”


His artistic work is underpinned by lifelong creative practice, a career spanning multiple professional fields and a life lived across several continents. Devoted to the craft of drawing and painting, his pieces reflect an innate curiosity and passion about human nature. A driving factor for him is the constant zeal to experiment with unconventional surfaces, materials and techniques, as is an acute awareness of the human dimensions of emotion and imagination in an era dominated by the rational and the pragmatic. In his “Oceanica” series, Luis creates imaginative tableaux of the ethereal, even fantastical, moments that punctuate daily routine and of the ghosts that inhabit the world of underwater dreams.




About COYA Dubai


Opening on the 16thof December 2014 in the Four Seasons Resort, Jumeirah Beach, COYA Dubai is a sister property of the famous Zuma and La Petite Maison in DIFC. Spanning over 189 seats in the restaurant and 40 seats in the terrace, COYA Dubai serves contemporary Peruvian cuisine and is home to a colourful Pisco Lounge, extensive wine showcase corridor and stunning Members’ Club in bespoke furnishings. It’s unique, multi-dimensional dining experience with Latin American flair won COYA Dubai two awards in their first year of operations with the highly coveted titles ‘Best Newcomer of the Year’ at the What’s On Dubai Awards and the “Best Restaurant of the Year’ at the ProChef Middle East Awards.


About COYA Collective


The COYA Collective is a signature movement that defines COYA’s ethos and beliefs. It has pushed against tradition to create a multi-dimensional platform for guests to not only dine but feel the entire experience with all the senses. Combining the elements of vibrant live Music, home to a showcase of interesting, compelling Art and an array of the city’s most colourful festivities, the COYA Collective creates an altruistic, cultural experience uniquely COYA.


About COYA


COYA’s flagship restaurant was launched in London on the 15thNovember, 2012.  Two years later in 2014, COYA London took home the prestigious title ‘Best Restaurant of the Year’ at the London Lifestyle Awards and went international, bringing the same vibrant spirit of Latin America to Dubai and Miami. Famed for its bespoke décor, designed by the London based design team Sagrada, COYA links vibrant, contemporary Peruvian cuisine with a cultural experience. Hosting a continuous flow of artistic entertainment in music and the arts all year round, COYA is renowned for its creative cuisine and dynamic dining experiences.


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