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On 13th February 2016, Buzzingtales was invited to the grand opening of Zaroob’s new branch at the Buheira Corniche, Sharjah. Described as “Levant Street Eatery” Zaroob (Narrow street alley) overlooks the beautiful expansive Al Majaz waterfront. Buzzingtales was instantly wowed by the location. With the weather, God’s smiling upon UAE Zaroob’s location and ambience it was  the perfect day to get drowned in nature’s abundance and lip-smacking Arabic delicacies.

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Buzzingtales was not expecting a huge difference from other Arabic food joints but Zaroob really surprised us with its mix of traditional knowledge with modern sensibilities. We were greeted by a huge smile from a singing juice server in traditional Arabic attire treated us to the best tamarind juice ever. The amount of care taken in presentation and in integrating the taste was evident abundantly. We loved the creamy Lebanese Hummus, the tangy and crunchy Fattoush, delightfully crispy Shwarma and the absolutely palatable Tabbouleh. The Lebanese/ Arabic menu of Zaroob is quite exhaustive with the best street foods incorporated in it. My high point in the dessert section was Zaroobs Nutella crepe.

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The quality/taste of food, presentation, ambience and service are the four pillars of any food joint or restaurant.With attentive, efficient and warm staff and management team always serving with a kindly smile Zaroob scores high in hospitality quotient. While the kids enjoyed all the non-vegetarian delicacies I was truly delighted to the range of options for vegetarians. I personally loved the fact that Zaroob has redefined comfort food by creating not just tantalising dishes but also food that is both fresh and healthy. Zaroob is an amazing discovery for us as a family getaway during the weekends.

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Nasser Zuhour, the Palestinian-Jordanian restaurant owner, with a passion for food, has left no stones unturned in travelling widely to sample street food to an eclectic menu. The product of his labour of love /passion is simply yummy- luscious. Buzzingtales’s verdict for Zaroob is a  ” ***** /5 “star in quality and taste of food, innovation and presentation, quality of service and unparalleled ambience. We did have one reservation about how comfortable the opening sitting area would be during summer months. The staff informed us that the plan to cover it up without losing the outstanding view and also set up a cooling system for the comfort of the guests. So till then rush to Zaroob and enjoy a beautiful time with your family and friends in the  open sitting area.


Minakhee Mishra

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