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About a couple of weeks back a huge packet of life ( WATER Bottles of course) arrived for review. For a product as vital and basic as WATER, the parameters for review are fairly clear-cut. Buzzingtales felt refreshed with the pure and fresh taste of Monviso water. Apart from impeccable quality, the attractive packaging was a smart add-on. This brand undoubtedly delivered in all these review parameters. Apart from the commercially viable assets what are the other things that set Monviso apart from its competitors?


We delved deeper to find that the Brand is rooted in strong values and had an immense sense of social as well as environmental responsibility. Monviso and the global philanthropic organization Al Jalila Foundation are teaming up for Take Water, Give Life, an original donations program designed for Dubai’s hospitality industry and based on adding the brand to menus. For every 1 litre sold, Monviso will donate 1 AED to the Al Jalila Foundation. Further the brand will also collect and recycle the empty bottles, and donate to Al Jalila the net return from sales of recycled bottles.


m3Monviso was born in the late 1990s from the idea of a group of local entrepreneurs born and raised in the region. The idea was to launch a superior brand of Alpine bottled water, the same water they had been drinking since childhood at home and in neighbouring springs. In 2001, they found the perfect source, Europe’s highest, at an altitude of 2042 metres: the Rocce Azzurre Spring at the heart of the Monviso Mountain, in a secluded and protected area marked by the absence of human settlement. In 2013, the region where Monviso water sources were discovered was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Monviso is the all-Italian minimally mineralized water with one of the lowest sodium levels (just 0.00003%) and total dissolved solids (49mg/1 litre) in the world. Low sodium helps avoid kidney strain, combat water retention and is recommended for hypertension and low-sodium diets.

Monviso water is ideal for everyone – even newborns. Thanks to its contaminant-free purity, consistent chemical composition, low-grade mineralization, and low sodium and nitrate content, Monviso water is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health as suitable for the preparation of baby food and formula.

The brand strives for minimal impact on the local eco-system. Its innovative recyclable PET bottles contain reduced levels of plastic while the strength and durability expected from an ordinary PET bottle has been maintained.




About The Brand:

Monviso is the minimally mineralized water with one of the lowest sodium levels and total dissolved solids in the world. Born in the heart of Italy’s Monviso Mountain, it is captured from Europe’s highest spring and bottled at source. Its unique composition gives it health benefits that make it perfect for everyone, including infants.

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