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On Wednesday 10th August 2016,  ICONS Coffee Couture, the German lifestyle coffee shop, famous for their sugar-free, healthy eating concept, unveiled their healthy eating concepts at the Grand opening in Dubai World Trade center. Earlier this year it had opened  in Abu Dhabi at the Deerfields Mall. After the successful running in Abu Dhabi the Grand opening in Dubai was graced by Elena Weber CEO & Founder of Icons Coffee Couture and Riz Khan the popular CNN anchor. The new delicious recipes are crafted with love by German Executive Chef Lara Allegra Lange, and particular importance is attached to healthy eatting. Health is true wealth and ICONS takes the health of its customers very seriously.

Buzzingtales was pleasantly surprised to find out that it is possible to indulge in sweet craving minus the guilt trip and the health repercussions. Is happiness  desset, or food for you? No worries! Happiness and health can actually go hand in hand here. The sweet treats which included an all-new healthy ice-cream bar, smoothies, energizing salads, Fruity Cream Frappes and their newly launched natural FrozTeas are all naturally sweetened, devoid of any artificial sweetness.

i5ICONS Coffee Couture, a fashion and lifestyle coffee shop chain offering healthy options for delectable desserts, launches its  coffee shop in Dubai world trade center post its successful ventures in other location in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras AlKhaima. The coffee shop provides a flawless blend of fashion and food for those seeking healthier alternatives to their favorite foods. To stay cool during the summer season, ICONS welcomes an all natural blended Ice Tea selection of patented FrozTeas© for the perfect natural refreshment without any unhealthy additives.
i7The revamped menu visualized by Lara Allegra Lange, the German Executive Chef of ICONS, is set to include not only a new assortment of smoothies, salads, and Fruity Cream Frappes but also the much-awaited Healthy Ice-Cream bar and FrozTeas. Each drink and dish have been crafted to provide a hearty fix to any sweet cravings without the sugar!
Elena Weber, Founder, ICONS Coffee Couture, said, “I have always had a sweet tooth, and have often had to forego some of my likings as they clashed with my lifestyle as a professional model. But, with ICONS, we have made it possible for men and women to still indulge, without the guilt! Our all new iconic ice-cream bar introduces finally a concept of healthy ice-creams with no regrets and is one of my favorite new additions. We are also excited to introduce the super rare Panama Geisha beans to our coffee couture segment – one of the best and the most expensive coffees in the world! I am keen on our journey to Abu Dhabi and hope to bring about a new passion for fashion and clean eating.”




This  German Coffee Chain  not only specializes in organic coffees, teas, and sweet treats but has introduced Stevia based products.  ‘’Stevia’’ a health herb has been introduced by the brand CEO Elena Weber here in UAE.

and is a healthy alternative to sugar as it contains natural sweetness which is many times higher in sweetness than the white sugar. Stevia is a perfect gift for people with a sweet tooth which is used in desserts  at Icons Coffee Couture.

Though the outlet is not very spacious, the stylish,vibrant and modern interiors,  easy access to Sheikh Zayed Road, as well as the healthy and delicious assortment of meals, desserts, salads at Icons Coffee Couture make it the most happening joint.

The savory items on the menu included veg, non-veg, salads, sandwiches etc. Each of the items indicated it’s health quotient in terms of whether its gluten-free, high fibre, low – carb, stevia based, naturally sweet, high protein or calcium. You certainly are in for a greater awakening of all things that you put in your mouth, in your visit to ICONS.
Buzzingtales found that all things good have their own uniqueness . Kopi Luwak & Panama Geisha are one of the most expensive coffee’s in the world and these are prepared in an exclusive live coffee making siphon.

Some of the assorted cakes dished out to us included  delectable Macadamia Brownie, Dark Chocolate Cake,  Hazelnut cake, Beetroot Muffins.  Milk Chocolate Mousse, German Apple Crumble, Cinnamon Cheese Cake etc. Summer took a beating as we sipped at the refreshing Mousse and drinks served out. Buzzingtales can stay soaked up in this organic healthy haven filled with mouth-watering, irresistible delights. ICONS coffee couture is here to “Make Like Remarkable!”

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