Unfaithfully Yours

Two huge Indian Television stars are lined up to perform live in Dubai for the first time!


Love blossoms in the strangest of places, and for Akash and Preet, it means a 26-year long relationship packed with passion, romance, comedy and drama, that’s as wrong as it is perfectly right.Experience true love and watch the perfect love story… with one major glitch. They’re happily married… and not to each other.

Don’t miss the out the Romantic Comedy English Play with Mona Singh & Rohit Roy.


Event Type: Stage Play

Event Language: English

Age Group: 21+ years old

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This 110 min love story makes you go weak in the knee and yet question the very parameters of the conventional love story which invariably ends with marriage and happily ever after. It’s never easy to accept a love story knitted in adultery, but when has love ever come with the promise of being politically correct. What starts off as a one-night stand between the protagonist when they attend a wedding, blossoms into a long, committed, loving and yet completely adulterous relationship. The couple is embroiled in a relationship that on its own is perfect and pure, though it’s completely wrong from the societal perspective.The play is not a saga of unrequited love or a justification for infidelity. It is just a comic depiction of reality.  With captivating performances from veteran actors, witty dialogues and  intense moments Unfaithfully yours is a story that will entice the viewers and remain with them for a long time.


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