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So yes Buzzingtales too had a rendezvous with “Dear Zindagi”. To sum it up in a few sentences, it was like expecting a sensational exotic drink and instead, being served a Thandai. Refreshing, with dashes of zing no doubt, but not something that matches the build-up expectations.


With Gauri Shinde’s directorial power, an ensemble of extremely talented actors (not to mention, most being drop dead gorgeous and young) & starring King Khan himself, Dear Zindagi had all that it takes to make it to the Hall Of Fame. Instead, the movie manages to stir various emotions- happiness, joy, insecurities, love, anger, even soul-searching moments, sadness- but nothing too deep enough to stay with the audience once they go back home.
Ali Bhatt brings alive a Kaira that no one can help falling in love with – Vivacious, moody, wild, talented, independent and yes effortlessly beautiful. For me, however, it was King Khan who stole the show. This was perhaps his most powerful performance after Swadesh. He absolutely rocked as the mature, jovial, witty and understanding Dr. Jehangir Khan. From Koko’s super cute friend Jackie, her family members to all the men in her life (The absolutely kill worthily dashing dudes Sid, Raghu and Rumi ), each of them performed beautifully. Yet the movie lacked depth, portrayed an over glossy reality and mostly failed to connect.
Coolness seemed to have been contrived and injected forcefully. I really had a problem with the logic of checking out potential life partners like the way we do while hunting for a chair. Really! Is life so simple as that? If you select 1 life partner after checking out even 10 potential ones is there any guarantee that it will be perfect? Isn’t getting to know each other at an emotional and mental level more crucial than merely giving into physical attractions & getting into a relationship.
There are certain slices of “Zindagi” in the movie I really liked. The Paulo Coelho logic of having more than 1 soulmate, the ponder worthy quotes, the kabaddi match with waves and the hilarious carefree chit-chat among friends. So certainly a movie one should watch at least once. That brings me to a very important point.
Man, it’s really criminal to put so many good looking people in one movie – How is one supposed to get past their looks and focus on the movie?

Minakhee Mishra

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