Blogger Adventure -Things you encounter as a Blogger

  1.  Wow! You Get Free Stuff


Being a blogger I have learnt, pretty early in the day that, you need to treat yourself with utmost respect before you expect anyone else to. This applies to almost anything you do in life. Unfortunately, most people (especially the complacent ones) consider bloggers as someone who gets freebies, experiences amazing things without paying up. You will end up with people (sometimes even those who are closest to you) putting all your hard work to drain with words like “ Areee, you get to do this free! How lucky you are?” So is getting free stuff or being called lucky so bad? Yes, it is, especially, if you are working as hard as any other professional person. Blogging is hard work, PERIOD! If you do it in a professional way it means, first your website has to be in order. Then it’s time for the content and promotion part. You take out your precious time, answer a bucketful of emails, schedule, visit places, take photographs, videos, edit, promote, write posts on various platforms, make it viral and make sure it gets noticed. You end up being a writer, editor, videographer, photographer as well as social media marketer. So anytime you feel a pinch when someone tells you things like, “ Wow! You are so lucky you get to do all that free.” simply educate them- tell them you earn it fair and square.

A blogger creates a Brand out of their blog, builds an audience and has a niche community of readers. Whenever someone approaches you to promote their product, or service or event, they are actually leveraging on the brand that you have created with your time & sweat. So you don’t have to get a thick skin for insensitive remarks/mentality, you simply keep adding value to your work and getting that value for your creation. All that comes your way is because of your hard work, and not just luck!

  1. Cultural Shocks


This is where you need to cloth a thick skin if you do not enjoy new and novel encounters. You will come across those who pout and take pictures, the prudes who feel everything is fake, or those who don’t blink an eye before discussing personal matters with people they might be meeting for may be the first time in their life or worse people whom you smile and try to connect with might look past you as if you ae transparent. Well, if you are one of the pouters good for you, especially in the beauty and fashion industry where a pout or a lovely sticking pose gets better views especially if it’s an Instagram post. It’s good for the brand you are promoting. If you are a non-pouter, and can’t enjoy the new encounters, just turn you back on it and do the work in a way that better suits your comfort level and personality. It’s important always to be comfortable in your own skin. Not only does it let you become more receptive and accepting of all new things you encounter, it also helps you filter out what you think is unnecessary without getting too affected. Mostly as a blogger, you have to be free of prejudice. I really enjoy & at times even envy those who are unabashed and free in their spirit. Their attitude is – This is who I am, take it or leave it – and I am more than ready to all the new challenges, encounters, and experiences that life offers. After all,there just one life to live –  So live it to the brim full and more, work hard and have fun at work…..BLOG!! Cheers!!!a


To be continued if my mood & time permits……

Minakhee Mishra

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