BEEhive – Edutainment for Kids in Dubai

Buzzingtales was especially curious to find out about The BEEhive, Dubai’s newest edutainment play area for children, which opened its doors along the shores of The Dubai Canal in Business Bay last week. The concept is the brainchild of Mumpreneur, Shahdan ElKhatib; a mother to three children.One of the most worry implications of the technical boom is the impact it has on children. We are currently breeding a generation who create green environment & forests in Minecraft, play tennis or intensive outdoor sports on Wee, paint on Pixelmator & Magnetic Pens, and are way more informed (read Saturated & Over-Exposed) than adults, thanks to buzz feed, Google etc. Parents are playing a tug of war with digital education visa verse mental and physical wellbeing of a child that comes by honing their skills naturally. Concepts like BEEhive is certainly a welcome respite for parents.



The idea of the BEEhive was ignited when Shahdan realized that more and more parents are getting frustrated from the current generation’s addiction to technology, gaming, and tablets. She was quick to identify a gap and the need of developing a concept to aid children’s motor skills and cognitive skills development.

“The concept was inspired by the fascinating beehive hard-working productive structure; where bees go through different developmental stages, and each stage dictates their role in the hive”, explains ElKhatib.

The BEEhive is themed to consist of many independent hives; each of different interactive activities covering Science, Music, Art and Crafts among others that allow children to explore, learn, break out of their social shell and uncover their hidden talents while acquiring new skills.

“We provide an environment that promotes creativity, cognitive development and exploratory play that allows children to de-tach from their virtual worlds and get more connected to their surroundings”, adds ElKhatib. The BEEhive will also be hosting regular interactive workshops for children.

Play Rates at THE BEEhive start from just AED 45 per hour while a full day pass costs just AED 95. Monthly and annual membership packages are also available.

Furthermore, children can celebrate their birthday at The BEEhive’s dedicated party hall which promises a memorable celebration inclusive of a healthy catering menu and plenty of entertainment options.

The BEEhive caters to children from 1 to 12 years old and is located on the Ground Floor of Blue Bay Tower (next to Steigenberger Hotel) in Business Bay. For further information, please contact 04- 431 0347.


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