Ladies Night – A Night to celebrate you

Ladies Night? What is that?

Frankly, the concept of ladies night was very alien to me when we first landed in Dubai a decade back. Fresh from India, stealing time from demanding young kids, for a wee bit of couple space was enough for us. We were blind to the idea of Ladies night or even men’s night. We were unified in our fighting for happy, carefree US rather than a happy carefree ME.

Couple Goals

I chanced upon some articles about how it is important to keep the fire in a relationship by being a little selfish about couple time. Yes, most young parents feel guilty taking time away from kids. They forget that unless the foundation (read couple relationship) is regularly vitalized the building (read family/kids) is bound to crumble. I know it is a confusing concept but it is true. By being little selfish you can be a more selfless caregiver. By nurturing your inner self you can make things flourish.


Off late I came across a new concept of relationship tonic. A couple that gives each other space is happier and healthier. The equations of how much space, what kind of, and the accompanying issues that come with it, is yet another matter. I don’t want to dig too much into the complicated “WELL” of relationships. I can safely say that the road to a healthy and happy relationship is never easy.

A Happy Night

Let’s come back to the concept of Ladies Night that is flooding Dubai night life recently. With the exodus of expat western population, there is also an explosion of expat entertainment avenues. I quite like the idea of Ladies night especially because it is a way to meet up with your other lady friends. There can be no disputes about the fact that we all want to be HAPPY. Every individual strives towards it. What better way to be happy than being out with friends? Being a woman I can vouch for the fact that woman friends are the best stress busters. You have a support system in place, in a foreign land (or even native) that is incomparable. So what better way to celebrate than to be out there with them on a Night meant for ladies? Of course, it is a great marketing strategy for businesses but what the heck. All that competition just goes on, only makes the next Ladies Night out even better.

Envii Ladies Night

Buzzingtales recently visited Vii Dubai during their Soul Mondays and we loved the place. The lounge bar area was absolutely gorgeous. The design was unique and very chic. Vii Dubai’s also has  EnVii Ladies Night. We went in for Envii Ladies Night, last Tuesday. The Ladies Night at Vii was in partnership with Urban Decay. Envii and Urban Decay delivered on the glamorous night they promised.


We were transported into the ultimate makeup; pamper parlor heaven with on-the-spot mini makeovers from Urban. To top that there were unlimited complimentary beverages courtesy of Vii including the mouth-watering Urban Bellini. We also got to enjoy Vii’s delicious signature sushi & hot dishes with a 30% discount.



Vii Dubai’s Evii Ladies Night and Urban Decay collaboration will be running on again on Tuesday, August,15th 2017. So all Ladies in a relationship or other wise celebrate yourself and be Happy at Envii Ladies Night! Best thing is men can come onboard, but they have to pay the price for all the fun they have…ha, ha…


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