Comedy Khichdi – by Dr. Jagdish at DUCTAC, Mall of Emirates, Dubai

Comedy Khichdi by Dr. Jagdish certainly sounds like an enjoyable flavor for the long weekend ahead. Laughter is considered the best medicine both for the body and mind. Laughter not only helps us to relax and keep our mind off worries it also helps us to see that even the grimest moments have a lighter side. A stand-up comedian helps us to get a humorous perspective about the most serious things. All of us have some Comedy Kichidi (read minor irritants) in our life but most of us fail to get the best taste of it. We all do deserve a good dose of laughter. So I am going for my well-deserved laughter shots with Comedy Khichdi by Dr. Jagdish.

What: Comedy Khichdi

When: 6:30 PM, 22nd September 2017

Where: Ductac, Mall of Emirates, Dubai

Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi, a well-known, Bangalore based, Surgeon, Innovator, Author, and Standup comedian, brings to Dubai, an hour-long power-packed show with laughter and wit called ‘Comedy Khichdi’.


Dr. Chaturvedi, also popularized by his YouTube channel – The Magaa of Small things, brings in this special show, flavors of North and South Indian comedy through clean, observational and clever jokes which promise to strike a laughter cord with kids, families, students and the elderly as they relate to little nuances and humor that resides in our daily lives.


His jokes typically revolve around schooling, relationships, traffic, and manners. Get ready for this entertainer’s first international performance, who has performed 2 comedy specials in over 100+ stand-up comedy shows in over 10 cities in India




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