My Instagram Heart Break & Getting Back In Shape

“Instagram” as the name itself suggests is all about things Instantaneous. Instant fame, Instant gains and sometimes even an Instant tumble down. No one can deny the benefits it has brought to artists, photographers, bloggers and SME’s alike. Thanks to this platform becoming an influence or a mini-celebrity is just about posting right, even posing right and in the right light. I too was intrigued and drawn to this powerful social media platform and was becoming increasingly addicted to this enticing force. So one fine day I decided “LET ME DETOX!”

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Don’t we all want to sometimes run away from the very things we love? Well maybe I won’t get many (rather any) answers to this question, but I was mad enough to let that thought grow its tentacles within me, until one fine day I decided “I will take a break from INSTAGRAM and devote more time to …gulp! Other stuff. So I click that button!!!! I just temporarily disabled my account. For the uninitiated (rather the untainted & innocent about Social Media), a temporary deactivation is an option, which Instagram has for people wanting to evict the Insta world for a short time & breath reality. Coming back to Insta world is as easy as logging back in.


That is what it said in the instruction! But, for me, that was just not the case. Maybe GOD took my thought far more seriously than it should have been taken. Unknown to me Instagram had been affected by a hacking wave. Check out about the outrage and Google around a bit if you think I have a vivid imagination. You may even stumble upon a few videos on how to hack an Instagram account on YouTube. Hacking videos? Yes! Kids barely out of their teens do it just for fun. Well, I didn’t check if it worked but it certainly blew my self-rating (I rate my self an 8 out of 10) regarding social media know-how out of the window.


This was almost two weeks back during a short EID Break. All that I can say was I self-assassinated myself – trapped myself in for a complete slaughter game and architected my own Instantaneous death! The crux of the matter is I that was no longer able to login to my account. My account Buzzingtales with 18+ K followers had simply vanished from the face of Insta earth. My heart might have just stopped beating for some time before I got a panic attack. Now post 2 weeks it has become a slow heartache. I can safely say it was a shattering “Heart Break” as 2 years of toil just vanished in a whiff.


At fast, I thought I had been wrongly & unfairly shadow banned (A sentence of death passed by Instagram for those who fail to abide by its rule). But after much knocking around, I got an email from Insta that it is a login problem. Well, that information was a bit of respite at first, especially because I felt I had not been unfairly treated and will get my account back once the bug was fixed. But my relief was short lived. It has been almost 2 weeks now but I still remain locked out of my account. It is like taking a short vacation and returning to find that your home has vanished without a trace. Looks like my DETOX has transformed me into an Insta Sanyas.




  1. Yes, I now had made a new account on Instagram but made sure I the two-way authentication. I have verified it as well.
  2. I am never ever going to temporarily deactivate my account, even if I stop using it.
  3. As in the earlier account in this 1 will continue to keep my personal space out of the public domain.
  4. I am not going to fret unduly over this technological world of number and keep doing what I enjoy doing.
  5. All of you who still value Buzzingtales, you can check are up on, FB, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and we continue to pulsate back to live on Insta as well.



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