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Buzzingtales recently visited and reviewed Rossano Ferretti, the internationally acclaimed hair spa, located in Jumeirah. I was blown away by the beautiful décor and ambiance of the spa. The luxurious spa is actually a transformed Villa in the plush Jumeirah locality. One can’t help but be wowed by the stylish interiors. It was easy to feel relaxed in such classy & lavish surroundings. The warm and pleasing staff welcomed me at the lounge area with a refreshing cup of flavored tea. I was invited to look up the sprawling facility, which covered the entire Ground and 1st floor. There are rooms for facial, waxing, pedicure, a private room as well as a huge manicure area. It felt every bit like a place fit for a princess.

Rossano Ferretti

Men are not allowed inside this exclusively women spa. I was taken upsatirs where the facility housed a private room for exclusive clients apart from sprawling common rooms for hair spa & treatment.


I gave Laila complete control over my hair. I told her that I am not too fond of chemical treatments and wanted my dry and colored hair to gain luster through natural treatments. I knew I had an expert working on my hair so I let her decide on the cut and length, that would best suit my face.

The best part of my experience at Rossana Ferretti  was the hair massage I got while my hair was washed. The massage stimulated as well as relaxed the hair cells. The massage helps the pores open up. Thus the natural products applied can easily be soaked in. This really helped add shine and to control frizziness. A hair serum was massaged into my hair and left for around 15 min. After my hair was washed, I was ready for the haircut. Laila decided not to shorten my length too much, but rather add volume by soft layers. I loved my entire look and the lovely bouncy curls. The entire session including the haircut lasted for 1 hour 45 min and my experience was one of the best haircut experiences ever.I can say with all certainty that Rossano Ferretti and his expertly trained stylists and therapists offer the most luxurious and immaculate services in the city.

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About Rossano Ferretti:

With over 20 salons in the most sought-after locations worldwide, Rossano Ferretti is the beauty industry’s leading name in hair care. Leveraging a unique brand philosophy and hairstyling technique entitled “The Method”, Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa’s offer highly personalized services that maximize the individual beauty and overall wellness of each client.

The only luxury hairdresser in the world with such a strong global presence and an extensive number of salons bearing his name, Rossano Ferretti owes much of his success to the signature beauty concept and technique “The Method” or Il Metodo, as Ferretti refers to it. Recognised by the beauty industry for this revolutionary technique Il Metodo is celebrated for functioning as an invisible haircut that allows one’s hair to fall with natural movement. Balayage and Aquarella colors are a must and follow the same philosophy. Drawing a connection between the personality, body, and hair of each individual, Il Metodo is practiced in all of Rossano Ferretti’s salons and is designed to maximise one’s natural beauty, regardless of hair type or ethnic background. Each stylist trained in Il Metodo spends at least six months training in Parma, Italy, where the story all started with the first Rossano Ferretti Salon. Ferretti states, “My passion lies in celebrating each woman’s unique beauty. That is why I created Il Metodo. There is a big difference between merely cutting a woman’s hair, and bringing to life her natural beauty.”


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