BenQ EW2770QZ Monitor for Eye Care

The BenQ EW2770QZ endowned with BI technology makes it a great Eye Care Monitor. It has a sleek yet large, solid screen design with interesting add on technology. BenQ’s screen scores high for its screen quality and resolution as well. It serves as a great companion for both your home as well as office. Though it is a little expensive, BenQ EW2770QZ is available at Amazon for $399. BenQ’s EW2770QZ screen has great versatility alongside amazing image quality.


The screen features of this BenQ product is eminently sensible. The diagonal screen size of 27-inch and resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 are adaptable for both work and play. There is enough space for multiple windows and applications display. The density level of 109ppi ensures that there is ample space without having to rely on Windows 10’s scaling settings. This in turn is great because there is no need to take chances with third-party applications.

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The BenQ has a matte finish and it’s possible to see individual pixels. All this help to see the screen under bright office lights and provides sharper images. The stand and port could have been more versatile.


BenQ has used the reliable IPS technology to build a screen that delivers great colour accuracy, consistency and viewing angles. The only downside is a little lag in response times and contrast.


It has 8-bit panel, and can display 16.7 million colors. It is reinforced by 100% sRGB coverage & an 82% figure on the Adobe RGB scale. The 5ms panel, guarantees speed for gaming and movies.

The usual media and gaming screen modes are present, along with a dedicated sRGB option. There’s also a Rec. 709 mode, which adheres to high-definition TV standards.


This screen has another trick up its sleeve. It’s called BI+, or Brightness Intelligence, and it’s designed to calibrate the screen on the fly to reflect atmospheric conditions.

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  1. A tiny camera that sits beneath the bottom bezel.



  1. Brightness Intelligence system quickly reacts to changes and does a solid job of maintaining the user’s perception of the screen. This is vital for eye health.


3.The Brightness Intelligence icon can be switched off in the on-screen display if required for more reactive than consistent display.


4.The bezel is an notable 8mm-thin, and the screen sits on a elegant metallic stand. The panel is very durable, versatile and sturdy as well as aesthetically appealing.

Ben Q, Buzzingtales

5.There are 2 HDMI ports, a DisplayPort connector and one audio jack but no USB ports. Also there are no DVI-D or D-SUB and so it is not compatible witj older PC’s.


6.The BenQ ‘s screen can tilts backwards and forwards but it doesn’t have a VESA 100mm mount,. Hence the screen cannot rorate and the panel cannot swivel. The height cannot be adjusted as well.


  1. The menu very responsive and easy to navigate.


  1. It has 2W speakers in the panel.




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