Riso, multicuisine restaurant, opens in Oud Metha, Dubai

Riso, the multicuisine restaurant, opens in Oud Metha, Dubai with a complete menu of the choicest Italian delicacies, from Zuppa and Insalata to mains and scrumptious desserts and drinks, Riso Veg Italian Kitchen opens its doors opposite Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha, Dubai. Here you get to enjoy a plethora of the finest literature, free WiFi, as well as an attached menu of continental food including a Stone Grill Bar, a Tex Mex, Mezze and Lebanese cuisine menu, as well as a selection of Fondues and mocktails to suit every palate.

Thin-Crust Pizzas at Riso, Buzzingtales

Riso Veg Italian Kitchen, a continental cuisine restaurant with a specialization in Vegetarian Italian food, opens its doors in the UAE. The authentic Italian restaurant offers a casual, warm atmosphere with a reading nook, free and accessible WiFi, café as well as dining seating and a selection of the choicest Mexican, and Arabic food. The restaurant even hosts a selection of Fondue, mocktails, and a Stone Grill menu sure to tantalize every visitor’s tastebuds.

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Vegetarian-friendly and freshly prepared options make the restaurant a must-visit for persons with all preferences. Visit Riso for meetings, dinners and drinks, or some quiet time reading, or even as a remote workplace with its inlaid reader’s area, free WiFi, and designating lounge and fine dining seating.

Sharan Kakwani, Co-Partner, Riso, said, “Having worked extensively in the F&B and food-service industry, I felt that what was lacking in a place like Oud Metha was a café and restaurant experience that was at once homely and casual as well as adventurous and fun. We decided to set shop opposite Lamcy Plaza, where the ease of parking coupled with all our offerings will surely make the dining experience of all our patrons memorable. We are keen to see how the concept fairs with our target audience, and look forward to kick-starting this journey with our brand, Riso.”

Riso Veg Italian Kitchen heralds its roots in Mumbai, India, and is a brand known for its impeccable taste, great variety, and warm and cozy ambiance.

Riso Veg Italian Kitchen is now open in Oud Metha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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About Riso

Founded by Sharan Kakwani and Nirvi Gosalia, Riso is a casual dining kitchen and café that gives everyone something to look forward to – from a reader’s nook, casual lounge seating, a drinks as well as fondue menu to suit all tastes. Originally specialized in pure vegetarian Italian food, the restaurant also offers aa selection of Mexican Grill and Lebanese Mezze and Manoush menu. A concept from originating from Mumbai, India, Riso adds to the dynamic café and lounge culture of Dubai with its well-planned menu, dedication to customer service, great food and a lovely ambiance.

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