A world worthy of our Children

Children are the world’s most valuable resource and it’s best hope for the future – John F Kennedy.

The emotion & idea wrapped in these famous quotes is acknowledged universally. If kids are indeed our future then unfortunately, we have failed systematically to secure our future. Every nation in the world twitches at the prospect that their future is far from bright. They are aware of their failures and yet they live in denial. The world nations boast about their technological leaps while ignoring the fact that technological addiction of kids is not only stealing them of childhood but also a life worth living. Laptops and Mac Books are continuously pushed into school system despite being aware of the downsides. Steve jobs himself, admitted to being a low-tech parent who did not allow his kids to use I-Pads at home, in a bid to protect them. Yet we knowingly turn a blind eye to this problem and continue to allow our kids to binge on electronic gadgets.

A world where a child does not get to be a child is a very sad world. Buildings with premier class facilities continue to mushroom at every nook and corner and yet there is no space for the child to play in our neighborhood. In Dubai the residential areas hardly ever have parks or playground where kids can play unhindered. The play areas, if at all there, are too cramped. Some determined kids trying to assert their right to childhood might venture out to parking lots, or even community inroads.

Parents have no time off their busy schedule to supervise kids even in these parking lots. Some parents feel that unsupervised time helps the kids to become more responsible and independent. While this is true I find it hard to let the kids do something, which is dangerous & perhaps even unlawful in a bid to teach them independence. As nations prosper kids suffer due to poor foresight or complete blind sightedness of so called adults. Why can’t we bequeath a safe environment to our children where they can easily experience and assert their independence?


I have merely pointed out a speck of dust in the landfill of dirt that we have bequeathed our children with. The 7-year-old child in Kasur, Pakistan who was brutally raped and murdered had stepped out for her Quranic classes. She and her parents who were travelling on Pilgrimage had faith in her ability to take care of herself. She was undeterred in her determination to carry out her duties as a student and yet world around her proved to be a pathetic, brutal and inhuman one. The world we have created is far from being safe and quiet undeserving of the beautiful souls. Our only hope for a better future is to create and continue to foster it for our children.

Minakhee Mishra

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