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Mealtop Dubai at Lamer is a Korean Bingsoo cafe. Well, if you are uninitiated with the concept let me elaborate more. In Korea, Bingsoo is a popular shaved ice cream eaten as a snack. These are popular in summer especially.

Mealtop, Buzzingtales

If you are still not sure what it is, Buzzingtales can guarantee you that this ice cream is a healthier version of the traditional ice cream that you know. These are ice flakes, which are crushed and made soft enough to melt in your mouth. Well, they are designed to thrill & as you chill. The Bingsoo, which is actually of ice flakes, is served with a combination of sweetened ingredients. The dessert is also topped with assorted ingredients like fruits, chocolate and condensed milk.

Mealtop, Buzzingtales


Guests are invited to choose from a variety of six Bingsoos one of them being the traditional patbingsu made with sweet red beans. Buzzingtales considers this as a Korean version of ice-lollies. The cafe is mostly all about desserts. It even has waffles, French toast, and softies. I tried the Karak tea and vanilla flavored softie and like it too. The portion sizes are quite big and you might have a tough time finishing up the chilling dessert (pun intended) I really like the concept and although I feel there could have been something other than just the ice-creams, the cafe makes I quite clear that it is a purely Bingsoo cafeteria.

Mealtop, Lamer, Buzzingtales

The Cafeteria is big enough to accommodate more than half a dozen people. With both out door and indoor sitting places it can be a place to hang out both in summer and winter. The beautiful location at Lamer elevates the experience further.

The South Korean café first opened in 1985 and expanded to outlets across the US.


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