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Comfort Arabia, the leading fabric conditioner brand recently launched of five new fragrances. The brand invited the public to experience the fragrances behind its new Comfort Perfumes Deluxe line. A pop –up activation, called the House of Fragrances was put up at City, in Dubai, right next to Hub Zero. Visitors got a chance to set off on an ultimate fragrance journey.

Personally, I do not use fabric softeners and conditioners a lot. This has to do with my fear which dates back to the time when my kids were very small. A doctor had warned against using fabric softners as that triggers rashes in young children.  Recently I tried out the Comfort Arabia conditioners and it was indeed a smooth sail. For starters, fabric conditioners reduce labour. You might ask how? Well, the clothes actually lose their softness due to the chemicals in our detergents. Hence, much like other conditioners, fabric softners not only revive the softness of clothes they also increase the longevity of clothes and make maintaining or ironing them easier.


Comfort Arabia, Buzzingtales

The Comfort Perfumes Deluxe line collection consisted of concentrated fabric softeners, ranging from the floral scent of the musky aroma of Indulgence to the Elegant Gardenia.


The Five New Comfort Arabia Perfumes in the Deluxe come in a stylish black package. Most of the fragrances are floral perfumes with soft, pleasant odour. The line up even has a fragrance specifically designed for the region. The Big Five comprises of :

Charm (Floral, Sweet Vanilla)

Luxurious Oud

Elegant Gardenia (Jasmine and Patchouli)

Indulgence (Linden Blossoms and Musk)

Glamour (Oriental, Woody)

Comfort Arabia, Buzzingtales

Comfort Arabia’s activation at City Walk ran for a period of 10 days. The House of Fragrances was a fantasy floral land decked up with flowers. Buzzingtales loved interacting with each of the fragrances and knowing more about their extraction and other details.



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