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A few weeks ago my buddies and I rediscovered the child in us at Jumble Dubai (In-door Gaming Place )as we had an exciting time challenging our mind & body. It was such a blast when you tried to solve the puzzles & get past the maze. Jumble was quiet, unlike any other experience I had. I remembered the Chinese game show with hurdles at every level where contestants competed with one another. If watching it kept me at the edge of the seat participating in an even more mysterious and challenging maze was an unimaginable adrenal rush.

Jumble, Buzzingtales

The various zones are set to challenge a different kind of mental and physical faculties. This unconventional and quirky gaming experience also fosters team spirit and co-operation, as the games have to be played as teams of 3 or 6. At the onset, we kept our belongings in a locker room, including our mobiles! Not a single picture or video of us gaming made it our other than the actual experience running through our veins. Subsequent to that we were given step-by-step instruction in a mini-amphitheatre. We were assured that if we faced any issues at some point there will be many floor assistants to help us out. This is one instruction we really put a very good use and boy, we sought a lot of assistance from the jovial and helpful folks.


Jumble Dubai, Buzzingtales

Each room at Jumble that one gets to visit leads to 2 to 4 more rooms. The catch is you only get to the next room in that segment only when you crack the puzzle in that room. The puzzles demanded a great presence of mind, agility & strength of both brain and limbs, observation, and of course perseverance. They were completely addictive & we didn’t want to come out at all. We were running around sweating it out & tickling our grey cells- it was an invigorating experience to be in our unrestrained element.

When we tired out, there was the fabulous Jumbled cafe with a delectable collection of food & drinks to re-energize & get going again. The Jumble café is not any quick fix café. It has delicious, elaborate dishes and is sure to provide a lavish celebration session.



There are 2 different sessions one is Impression ( 2 Hours for around AED 155) and the other Obsession ( 4 hours for a higher price). Kids below 8 years are not allowed and those below 12 years require an adult in the team. Booking can be done onsite as well as online. I felt the Jumble experience is a unique way to foster the spirit of cooperation, collaboration as well as competition. I even heard there are unlimited passes available all through Ramadan, so I can’t wait to get all my “C’s” right with a spirited team this Ramadan. Watch out for me Jumble here I come with my team!

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