Al Maeda at Double Tree by Hilton – Memorable momentous memories

We had a memorable Birthday celebration at Al Maeda restaurant in Doubletree by Hilton, Jumeirah. Dining at Al Maeda, an upscale Arabic (more precisely Lebanese) cuisine restaurant, became etched as a special memory due to various reasons. At Al Maeda, we were charmed by traditional elegance blended with glamour, reflected both in its ambience as well as the food. We loved the warm hospitality of the ever smiling staff and were instantly transported into the rich & luxurious modern cum ethnic palace environment. We found out that the restaurant offers a full-service bar and the outdoor terrace with a breathtaking sea view, ideal to relax and try out Shisha.

With summer in full swing, we preferred to sit indoors and glance at the magic unveiling at the open kitchen. Being a vegetarian I generally do not prefer Arabic or Lebanese cuisine as it generally is more meat & non-vegetarian based. However all my fear were put to rest as the super delightful and delicious Fattoush, Potato Halloumi and Tabouleh unfolded before us. I loved the soft warm and slightly crispy fresh bread that came with it. We absolutely loved dipping our bread in the 3 different varieties of Mutable to pistachio Hummus and the numerous other starters.

Al Maeda, Buzzingtales

For once I was so happy to see my entire family have a hearty helping of veggies along with me. At this point, a special mention of the refreshing mocktails has to be made. The glass was loaded with crushed ice and our drinks were light and tongue tingling. We were served Grana Rosa – fresh pomegranate juice seasoned with a hint of orange blossom water, shaken with homemade cardamom syrup. We also had some & lemon juice with a hint of mint and some other divine stuff in it.


Al Maeda, Buzzingtales

also had some simple lemon coolers who can never go wrong. My tummy was bursting after gorging on the scrumptious and delicious starters. In fact, it was so exhaustive that the kids couldn’t believe that it was just the starter. So I advise you to basically starve yourself a bit as the servings are quite big here.

Al Maeda, Buzzingtales

The main course was mostly all about meats and non-vegetarian stuff. I was glad to be a vegetarian as the non-veg dishes look way too delicious not to be eaten but I was stuffed to the core. Hubby dear and kids seemed to have opened up a secret cellar in their stomach as they just jumped all out at Burgin Tuna, Kibe Stambulia, Grilled Bhari Mix, with King Fish, Calamari, Cheese Rekata, Shish Tauok, Lamb Chops etc.

Since it was a Birthday celebration we decided to skip the dessert, despite after promising to try out the Mango Mulabia, on our next visit. We had a gorgeous and melt in the mouth cake specially prepared for the Birthday Boy. What a love time we had. Our sweet memories turned memorable not just because of the ambiance and food but also because of the lovely, warm and ever smiling staff.




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