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Buzzingtales family recently visited a dreamy little haven, Kava & Chai. Kava & Chai as the name suggests is about tea and coffee of course but it is so much more. It is UAE’s home-grown specialty coffeehouse. We visited their second location at Al Seef, situated on the waterfront of Dubai Creek. The new location follows the opening of Kava & Chai’s first location earlier this year at the American University of Sharjah. Have you ever been to a place where you just want to hang around relax and seep in the vibes? Kava & Chai is one such place that really won our heart.

Kava & Chai, Buzzingtales

Kava & Chai at Al Seef is a destination spurting at the heart of Arabic culture and tradition. It offers a sense of heritage and nostalgia, where visitors get to enjoy a cup of Kava & Chai’s signature tea or coffee and absolutely scrumptious, delightful and healthy meals, desserts and dishes, on the water’s edge with stunning views of Dubai Creek.

As Mr. Marat the manager at Kava & Chai Al Seef explained, it aims to tell the story of coffee through flavor and community. Not many people know that the word coffee is derived from “Qahwat-al-bun”, meaning the wine of the bean. The first coffeehouses were founded in the Middle East, in Mecca and Cairo, and were known as “the school of the wise “where people would come together to play games and listen to tales from storytellers, politicians, and poets. Kava & Chai is born out of this spirit to bridge cultures through coffee and tea.

Our Experience


We were enamored as much by their socially responsible attitude towards the environment as well as the finger licking food. There are no paper menus, only electronic ones, they already have biodegradable cutlery and are soon to come up with edible cutlery, the remnant food is distributed among the needy each day after ensuring safety factors. Speaking about the food severed out to us, IT WAS JUST DIVINE. We loved the refreshing shakes, chai, flavor infused coffee, salads, and sandwiches. The portions were so big that the 4 of us decided to order only for two. There was amazing new for me as a vegetarian as the vegetable sandwich was absolutely delightful. I could sit there the whole day and come back again to sit, sip and eat while chilling out and staring at the gorgeous views.

Kava & Chai, Buzzingtales

Delicious, Curated Menu


Samer Choucair, Vice President of CE-Creates, said: “Through Kava & Chai, we seek to build a homegrown Arab brand of global standards that is inspiring and can portray our culture and traditions in a positive and intimate manner. We want the world to know that coffee roasting and drinking originated in the Middle East, as did the world’s first coffee houses.”

Kava & Chai, Buzzingtales

The coffeehouse offers a carefully curated menu of coffee and tea to celebrate traditional flavors appealing to both the local population and coffee connoisseurs. Customers can savor a cup of Sao Jose coffee – a single origin coffee with a sugarcane sweetness and nutty chocolate taste that melts like butter in the mouth served hot or chilled. Or, try the Turkish coffee, prepared in 300-degree and – yes, the art of coffee making is something Kava & Chai take seriously,   Kava & Chai brings traditional family recipes and flavors to your corner coffeehouse.

Kava & Chai, Buzzingtales

At Kava & Chai, they have fused the ingredients found on Middle Eastern spice racks and in foodies’ cabinets to make original concoctions with authentic roots. Whether it’s an Aleppo Peppers Turkey sandwich or a Harissa Prawn salad, each recipe celebrates tradition through taste.



Commitment to Sustainable Development


However, Kava & Chai isn’t just all about tea and coffee. They’re also committed to promoting sustainable development. From their packaging to uniforms, everything is sourced responsibly, made from renewable materials and recycled efficiency to ensure a better world for future generations. They also actively seek to work and collaborate with local chefs and artists to promote regional talent and bring back the creative spirit of a traditional coffeehouse. The American University of Sharjah location even features a Hakawati area – a dedicated space for storytellers, poets, and musicians to perform regularly. Stay tuned for more details and for more information please visit www.kavaandchai.com.

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