Magnolia Bakery launches Reese’s Pieces Banana Pudding

We recently tried out 2 buckets of Magnolia Bakery’s Limited Edition and newly launched Reese’s Pieces Banana Pudding. Most health and fitness enthusiasts would advise steering clear of sweets. But if you are like me, you would be cursed with a sweet tooth. Resolving and blocking the urges to eat sweets only keeps fueling the desire further. In such a scenario, one should go for more natural sweeteners like fruits etc. Having put the health factor out of the way everyone is allowed a  cheat day. How else does one dissipate pressure and keep oneself satiated & in the track of fitness goals?


By now it must be quiet evident that I have great arguments for my sweet tooth and bad defences against sweets. So I am a self-designated connoisseur of all things sweet. That said, let us turn our attention to Magnolia Bakery’s Limited Edition and newly launched Reese’s Pieces Banana Pudding. So it was a tough call for me to keep temptation at bay, given the delightful presentation. I opened the tub to witness an overload of the goodness of Banana pudding, peanut butter and chocolate. What could be better than that? There were chunks of banana in it. This made it taste even more natural despite the creamy and soft melt in you mouth texture.

Magnolia Bakery’s newest banana pudding has layers of Reese’s Pieces, peanut butter and chocolate and was available for one month only (available until October 31st). If you missed it do not worry. There are a whole lot of other delightful dishes at Magnolia Bakery. It is not only a dessert place but rather has many breakfast and meal options as well.

Magnolia Bakery Cafe is in  Dubai Festival City Mall , in Bloomingdale’s Home (The Dubai Mall), and The Galleria on Al Maryah Island, or can be bought via Deliveroo across the UAE.



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