12-14 YEARS
To Die
     It was
chilly and dark at 7.00 in the evening, when it all started. I was coming back
home from football practice, on my moped when I saw this beautiful girl about
seventeen. She had flawless blond hair like gold and perfect white teeth to
match her seducing  smile. But what I was
surprised about was she was wearing a pale white robe which shone in a weird
way. As I rode away I couldn’t resist a look in the side view mirror but she
wasn’t there. That shocked me as she was there a second ago. It was kind of
creepy bit I let it go because I had to concentrate on the road. When reached
home I ate dinner followed by some homework. Then I decided to chat with some
friends on Facebook before bed.
let me introduce myself. My name is Halo Campbell a very weird name, I am
sixteen and in class eleven, Canadian School of Laguna. I lived in a small
village in South of Canada called Laguna an unusual name for an unusual
village. It was a quiet village where you had small friend circles and small
families. Over here stories of ghosts were common but not believed by us,
because we knew they were never true.
     It was
the 25st of October when this breath taking experience and I mean
literally breath taking. It was 6.00 in the evening, it was raining heavily as
I was searching for the new place where football practice was set since the
weather was getting way too wet for outdoor training. I saw this old man who
was wearing funeral clothes and as far as I know there wasn’t a funeral in the
village but I let it go and I asked him where West Haven sport hall was. He
told me to turn left and then take the second right.
     So I
went on and after the left and took the second right. It wasn’t exactly a
proper road but I went on and my moped slipped, it skid and I fell off. My
helmet just fell of and slid forward and disappeared. What the hell just
happened I thought as I searched for it. Then I almost fell into this big hole
to be more precise it was something like some sort of construction work more
like a death trap where my helmet lay. I just started thinking about that man
who led me to this and why. Then terrified I decided to go back home.
     When I
went home my parents asked me why I was so early. I told them I had a headache.
I did an English essay about Romeo and Juliet before getting in bed. I don’t
know why but I kept on getting nightmares and woke up sweating every half an
hour at about 11.58 and was thirsty. I got out of bed and headed towards the
kitchen and poured myself a glass of water. On my way back to my room the
mirror caught my eye. I was horrified when I looked in the mirror, it was
someone staring at me with black holes instead of eyes. I was very scared I ran
into my parents bedroom but they weren’t there and there was blood on the bed.
I ran outside to my neighbours house and rang the doorbell and the beautiful
girl   opened it while wearing the same
white robe but bloodstained. Petrified, I ran in the street and tripped.
Suddenly everything went dark.
finally woke up in sweat and thought about the dream. I was very scared about
it and went to my parents’ room and they were sleeping peacefully.
next day I was going to a family gathering with my parents. My dad told me that
since it was the weekend I should take my little cousin sister to the circus. I
was in the circus and the clown kept on staring at me and then later as I was
getting on my moped with my sister the clown came in front of me and said with
his head cocked to the right and asked ‘you want to play a game’? I exclaimed
‘what’ but my sister didn’t seem to notice the clown. So I sped away.
     On the
29th of October in the evening I got a message on Facebook from ‘The
Joker’ saying ‘you have to play so survival is the game, you win if you’re
still alive at the 1st of November.’ Remember Halloween is just
around the corner and so is death’. I tried to make myself believe it was just
a hacker or some spams but with the series of events that had passed, it was
could hardly sleep at 1.00 in the morning, I was still awake. Suddenly the
window broke and something sharp scratched the edge of my nose and the vase in
my bedroom just shattered I got up and viewed the vase. The vase was shattered
and in the wall was an arrow. I pulled it out and wondered how an arrow could
have so much force to shatter a vase. Ok, I was really surprised by my reaction
to this. I didn’t scream or check my wound instead I examined how it could have
happened. Maybe it was because of the series of events that had passed lately.
     It was
the 30th of October and I ate breakfast then I decided I couldn’t
take this anymore and went on Facebook to message The Joker. This was what I
wrote in the message- Why is this happening to me. Why me and why not anybody
else. Then I got a mail from my school saying that it would be closed for a
week due to some technical difficulties. I got a call from my best friend, he
was inviting me to his house to hang out. So I got my moped out of the garage
and rode fast. When I reached his house I narrated all that had happened to him
and he believed it. He told me to relax and said he would come with me to my
house and have a sleepover.
left his house with our mopeds and then we reached my house. I told my parents
that John was staying at our house for a sleepover. They said it was ok. We
went to my room to talk about it. He told me nothing will happen. It was 11.55
and we were in bed and John suddenly needed to go to the toilet. He left the
room. The girl in the white robe came in and I was terrified. She had an axe
and she just swung it and…
10 years
Hi I am John. I am here to tell you what happened
that night. When I came out of the toilet James was headless and there was
blood everywhere. 10 days after the murder I got a message on Facebook from
‘The Joker’ telling me that James died because of his name. The name Halo had a
strong significance in the Greek ghost world and there were many names with a
weak significance and most people with those names died normally but early and
the axe lady will not stop collecting heads until she gets a human life…
years since that incidence took place but I still get nightmares.


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