THE SHOCK BUZZER THERAPY – Anushka Das (11 yr)
There was a boy  named Christopher who always blamed his gears and his teammates for all his failures.Once he was playing badminton with his friend Sam. Sam made a shot which made him get 15 points. Christopher blamed his racket and threw it in anger.The next day he bought a new racket. One day he was playing football with his friend Frank.When Frank  kicked the ball it hit Christopher’s face . He started blaming Frank and quit playing football. Another day he was playing cricket with two friends ( Sam and Frank) and got  out for duck.As usual, he blamed his bat  and his friends for it. His friends got irritated by Christopher’s behavior .And both of them made a plan .They had a scientist friend who made a buzzer which gives minor electric shock to the
person who blames others for no reason. They hid the buzzer in the back pocket of Christopher’s trouser.After that whenever he blamed others for his own mistakes, he got a shock. The next day his friend explained him why he  was getting shocks. Then Christopher realized his mistake . And never blamed others for his own  mistakes.
MORAL : A poor workman  blames his tools.
BY : Anoushka Das

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