Weight loss- No magical solution


Weight loss- No magical solution
With the obesity figure reaching an all time high, most of us are on the trail, for a magical resolution for the weight-related problems. Devoted and admiring fans of celebrities with immaculate figures lap up diet plans of celebrities who swear by its efficacy. Many of us believe that people who have stuck to a particular diet regime are magically bestowed with perfect bodies. Followed religiously many of this wonder diet plans may, in fact, result in weight loss. Often however these are temporary solutions with serious health repercussions.
In the modern times, people are imprisoned by their self-created monsters. Eating a simple home cooked meal (using whole ingredients), is a thing of the past now, and reserved for special occasion. People have become hooked to the highly processed refined foods, bursting with fat and carbohydrate. An entire generation has been breed on fast food with little nutritional value. A sedentary lifestyle combined with this completes the fatal partnership. Fad diets, magical weight loss in 9 days, liposuctions and infinite other modern techniques of weight loss sprout up each day. The assumptions that anything new and modern is bound to be good often makes us shortsighted and blind to the solutions nearer at home. Following a well-balanced diet geared to an individual’s needs and taste, is usually the best way out. Unfortunately, most people fail to resist the temptations surrounding them, and so the quest for the “Holy Grail Diet” continues.
Many of the designed diet plans are fads which have been fashioned without adequate research about the effect of such a diet regime on the health of the people. Many of them rigidly control the kind of food consumed, or completely prohibit the consumption of a particular food variety like dairy products, fats, sweets etc. A diet with an overabundance of protein can cause health complications like kidney problems, bloating etc. An unbalanced diet is bound to give rise to several nutritional deficiencies. At times, an individual has severe addiction to a particular food variety and sudden severe restrictions give rise to cravings. An individual may feel caged and depressed. Intense craving where the mind dwells over thoughts about food, unable to concentrate on any other activity defeats the very purpose of the diet plan. In such a scenario meal, time becomes monotonous and boring and an individual resolve to stick to the regime is bound
to suffer. Many diet plans involve a hunt for exotic, wonder ingredients which are not easily available.

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  • May 9, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    Yes, I also believe that no magical solution is there for weight loss! It needs proper work out with effective diet plan. I know it's a very tough game and hence I never stay away from tasty foods…lol 🙂


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