Letter to God

Dear God,

Yet another day threatens to scurry by at its frenzied cyclonic pace. I drag my disheveled sleepy self, to glance at the scampering hands of the watch. They look back mockingly; it’s 6’o clock in the morning already. Oh! I would need two clips to hold my eyes open. Can’t you squeeze in one more hour for me to snuggle under my beloved husband’s warm protective grip? There’s my baby with a cherubic smile on her lips and her tousled locks on her silky smooth forehead. Please freeze time for me Dear God to reveal and dwell in these peaceful magical moments. As time paces on, they will remain etched merely as memories. In this frenzied madness, called world and life these moments are my only solace.

The world and the people have a serious agenda to follow, feverishly chasing materialistic, political, religious and often selfish goals. People are busy making money, planning for future, living on hope and realizing dreams. We mortals perspire to achieve our aspirations. You too Dear God ascribe to your divine agenda of crushing them, creating a Tsunami here, a flood there. No, I’m not an atheist or a cynic. I’m a believer or at least I want to believe. What eludes me, however, is the suffering of perfectly innocent and chaste mortals at the hands of other fellow humans, nature, and fate. My religious faith (path to God; godliness) entails that the suffering of this birth is also due to the sins of the past birth. Your ways are ostensibly so elusive. Doesn’t it make more sense to assuage the poor and innocent, rescue, protect the good, and punish the bad? It simplifies the entire legislative, judiciary and executive process in your system. It makes law enforcement easier in your department doesn’t it? The Good and their faith are preserved; the bad are either eliminated or rehabilitated. My mental realm is now like a person who believes in the Government but questions the policies of governance.

Doomsday is drawing near isn’t it? The world is about to end. Mother Earth has been inundated with the suffering inflicted by humans. There is an overload of evil and it has to end. Nature resorts with fury and vengeance. Yes, I understand it completely. Corruption, terrorism, overpopulation, poverty, frenzied fanatic, racism, violence, abuse against nature and fellow human beings. The list runs endlessly, unceasingly. However, dear God I fail to comprehend with my mortal knowledge what you seek by dispensing death, disease, and devastation. Is it retribution, trepidation, or some unfathomable divine ordain? Man begets the fruit of his/her labor. The futility of expecting a sweet return from devilish deeds is understandable. Nevertheless, there are still those who follow the light and are bestowed with darkness. Are they mere puppets you created for entertainment?

I feel brave everyday day, and I salute to the innocent courage of my child as I pack her off to school each day. I’m sending her off to a wild battlefield with faceless enemies. A child no longer has the right to his/her childhood. Innocence is no longer a shield against the vicious tentacles of violence and abuse. A fire in the school building due to gross negligence by authorities, perverts who see all females/males from 1- 80 as mere objects to satisfy their sick desires; to dangers of deadly infections from a contaminated vaccination syringe, congestion and pollution translating in chronic sickness, at every step of living this life disease and malice loom ominously. Is this a novel device designed by you Dear God? Is it a device to keep mankind from forgetting their creator? A design to ensure the rational man of this age seeks refuge in you to fathom the perfectly illogical enterprise of living.

2 thoughts on “Letter to God

  • May 25, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    Interesting thought and so true we live in a world that is full of chaos. How do we make this world a better place to live? A world that is free of hatred, violence and corruption and there love, unity, tolerance and peace among the fellow human beings. Can we have such a world for our kids to lead a happy life that is free from fears.

  • May 26, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    Paradise is within each being…just need 2 open doors inwards


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