A Glittery Trip Down Memory Lane


I often wonder what in our human existence is the most precious. Family loved ones, friends, without a doubt but is it possible to hold on to these always. The demand of living conjures situations that make geographical and spatial separation inevitable, even if temporarily. It is in these times one feels, thoughts and memories are the most faithful companions. A friend of mine went on a European tour with her family last year. Like most of us, she too sought to capture moments of bliss, revisit the memorable memories, by capturing them in her camera and video. Unfortunately, she misplaced her video camera. She recounted her anguish at having lost all the beautiful moments she had captured, without a thought for the piece of equipment lost. She further relates how her faith was reaffirmed when her prayers were answered, and she got the equipment back, accompanied by a note. Here perhaps is one rare individual with utter disregard for anything material. In the same situation, I would have been petrified-first that I lost an expensive equipment, second I would have tried hard to figure out who(me or my husband) misplaced it and third I would have somehow managed to put up the contentious case that it was indeed my husband who misplaced it. However, I could relate to one thing and that is, I would have lamented the loss of all the captured moments/memories in a more somber time.

Here is a wonderfully created film by her from her visit to the Swarovski Kristallewelten in Wattens, Austria. This scintillating crystal land is truly a paradise on earth, an edifice created by man.

Daniel Swarovski founded this crystal world in 1895 with the financial assistance of Franz Weis and Armand Kossmann. This is a story neither of rags to riches nor of a privileged bunch who have it all. It is a story of sheer grit, the stuff out of which most success stories are made. Daniel worked as a crystal cutter at his father’s glass factory for many years before getting a patent for equipment for fine crystal and precision cutting. Enjoy the visual trip to the crystal world.

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