Rubber bands & stomach

Rubber bands and stomach
God If you can’t make me thin please make all my friend’s fat
The elasticity of a rubber band enables it to expand and revert back to its normal state. A human body is flexible enough to gain and lose weight but it is no rubber band. An inanimate rubber band too when put under too much or too frequent tension is bound to give in. Frequent oscillation between weight gain and loss through yo-yo dieting robs the body of its internal defenses, incapacitating it permanently. At Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, researches have revealed that sustaining a healthy weight enhances the immunity system while weight fluctuation wrecks it (JOADA). The functioning of the immunity system declines proportionately to the number of times weight was intentionally lost. The immunity system is the natural defender against invading germs and bacteria. It kills the intruding cells. In people who have maintained a particular weight for a long period it functioned much more efficiently in comparison to the yo-yo dieters. The naturally occurring cell killer’s are an important part of the immunity system. Apart from defending the body against viruses and bacteria they aid in killing cancerous cells. A fragile immunity system makes the body vulnerable to a host of diseases and ailments like cols, bacterial infections and even cancer.
This is not to undermine the benefits of weight loss for the obese and over weight individuals. Weight loss for overweight individuals is recommended to reduce the risk of diabetics, coronary hart disease, rheumatism, arthritis etc. It is important to monitor the manner and pattern in which one looses weight. Losing weight too fast and frequently fluctuating weight undermines health.

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