How does a simple holiday transform into a process of selfdiscovery? Halt! Halt! Before you race your mind down the  path Elizabeth Gilbert (writer of Eat Pray , Love) took, let me clarify the protagonist of this holiday constituted of 2 squabbling kids and a couple who have almost completed 2 decades of married life . Now have I managed to tone down your romantic, naughty, or even adventurous spirit a bit?  Well, I guess I have! :-0
But there is no other way I would want my vacation to be – Rather there are no other people I would like to spend my completely languid, slow and dreamy holiday with.  I would happily trade the roller coaster ride holidays to exotic locations for this dreamy journey.
 A mundane 2 day vacation to Khor Fakkan was just a well deserved break for the kids after their annual exams and for us pacing around kids and life in general.  Khor Fakkan is beautiful with both mountain and sea generously decorating its landscape. There is plenty of greenery too due to the rich soil. We checked in at Oceanic Spa and Resorts over- looking the sea as well as a mountain range. The untainted blue of the Gulf of Oman and lovely weather made the enchanting bay of Khor Fakkan ( Creek of two Jaws) even more enticing.



We listened to the symphony of the sea and smiled at the kids splashing water on each other. We relished the cool calm waters gently soothing our stress telling us to slow down; shoving us   tenderly to notice the smaller minute wonders of this world. We built castles of sand, and decorated them with shells scattered on the shores and marveled at how much joy this small task brought us. The kids returned in a few hours to find no sign of the castle or the shells.  They were troubled but we made them understand that everything is transitory, and that is the true nature of universe. They forgot after a while- enjoying the breeze, the smooth wet sand beneath their feet, the blue expanses. We all fooled around with the frisbee, and even tried our hands at table tennis.


 Divers long to relish the rich coral reefs hidden in the deep blue waters but we raided the park just a stone throw away from the Oceanic resort. Swing, sea-saw, slides, the grass, you name it we left our mark on each and every one of them. We returned back from our leisurely adventure with a truck load of memories and renewed vigor to attend to life in general.

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