What would you expect a 13 year old stepping on the helm of her teens to wish for her birthday? Well perhaps a big birthday bash or a pool party full of screeching teenagers, dressed in ways that incite nightmares for every parent. Well I was pleasantly surprised (that’s an understatement) when my teenager disclosed her wish for her birthday bash. It was a humble visit to
an animal sanctuary. We  (along with a group of  teenagers) visited Posh and Paws- an animal sanctuary and petting farm- in Sharjah  near Dubai on a bright sunny morning equipped with cut pieces of carrots, lettuce, cabbage, grains, and other food stuff which the animals housed in the farm eat.


What a wonderful experience it was to pet and play with the animals who have boarded in the farm- abandoned or donated by their previous owners. We were all thrilled for the opportunity to appreciate nature and its joys. It was fun interactive way to learn from animals and fall in love with them. At Posh and Paws there are no restriction on interaction, except when
in concerns the safety of animals and the visiting individuals. I was particularly happy to see the partying dogs. Didn’t get it?

 Well the Dogs visit parties and schools to entertain and enthrall children and can be adopted too. All the animals in the sanctuary are up for adoption. There is a kennel and cattery for boarding the  pet cats and dogs when the owners are traveling, very close to the sanctuary.


I literally fell in love with this macaw and the admiration was mutual. The bird perched on my hand and kept dancing and whistling. I was reminded of my pet parrot, a real sweet heart, during my childhood days in India. We would all love to go back to this beautiful place again and again. Three cheers to the staff for working so hard to keep the animals healthy and happy.






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