Queen Of Spades Collection

The adage that one should never judge a book only by its cover is indeed very true. This particular saying is true, not just regarding the 3 P’s persons, perspectives and perception. For instance before I came to Dubai about 6 years back I would laugh on your face if you tell me an Abaya can make a style statement. I would have said in my complacent way back then – “What
exactly is stylish about a black robe which covers you from head to toe?” Well, that perspective changed when I had gone to Dubai Mall for the first time and got to see the lovely embellished Abaya’s . Not only were they eye catching they actually made you want to wear one of them. If style is your middle name then you might want to have a look at these stylish  Jalabeyas and Abayas from the  Queen of Spades of  Lamya Abedin .






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