Tee And Putt -Wafi Mall (Memorable Birthday Experience)

November 14th is a precious day for me. It’s not just Children’s Day or Chacha Nehru’s Birthday (as most Indian’s recognize it). It is special because my precious angle came into my world this day.  She will detest me for calling her my precious angle if she happens to read this. Yes, she has stepped into those delightful, rebellious, crazy, charming and charmed teenage years. This time she was sure of one thing, “I don’t mind not having a birthday party if it is the babyish McDonald or KFC kind, with over-sized cartoons, colorful balloons and kidish games.”
So there I was sweating and browsing the net for an age appropriate place. I stumbled upon Tee & Putt, Mini Golf at Wafi Mall. It had good 5 star reviews on Time Out, which prompted us to go check out the place. What we found left us grinning from ear to ear. We were certain this was going to be one memorable birthday for my angle.


Tee & Putt Mini Golf turned out to be a unique 18 hole Glow-In-the-Dark concept! It simulates golf experience in a completely different dimension. This Golf World is inundated with fun and adventure. The ambiance is relaxed yet thrilling and surreal, with dancy numbers playing in the background, “Glow-in-the Dark” colors and outer space theme. Astronauts and aliens witness your game as you chill out with friends and family. This place is only 1 ½ years old. One added incentive is that the place is not crowded. There is also a party hall for those who want to host parties here.


Miniature and adult gofers of all ages and skill set can enjoy the golfing challenge and actually have fun with golf. Each of the 18 holes has a distinct course. We were thrilled to see our birthday girl enjoying an amazing experience with her friends. This is certainly a place I would recommend to people with children.

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