I had to share this empowering message I received in my email. The power of choose! Weather it is a bar of soap or the situation in life – most times we have the power. Weather we should or should not – tolerate domestic abuse; submit to world perceptions of beauty; let a life event control our state of mind; humor a demon boss – is a question of choice. When we exercise it wisely we empower ourselves and build our own happiness. We submit control to others when we demean our position, underestimate the power we have and keep our mouth shut, or minds confused. Check out this short clip & refresh your memory about the often forgotten POWER!

Dove® releases new film, shot in five countries around the globe, to inspire women to reconsider the choices they make about their beauty .
A staggering 96% of women do not choose the word ‘beautiful’ to describe how they look [1].  Dove believes feeling beautiful is a personal choice women should feel empowered to make for themselves, every day.
The Dove Choose Beautiful film captures real women in San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London, and Sao Paolo considering about their own beauty. The women made a choice about the way they see themselves: ‘average’ versus the frequently avoided ‘beautiful.’  The film reveals that women often struggle with recognizing their own beauty.
“Although the majority of women don’t describe themselves as beautiful, 80% agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful.It’s time women think differently about this choice,” said Steve Miles, Senior Vice President, Dove.  “Dove Choose Beautiful urges women to embrace this choice, and inwardly challenge our tendency to not ‘choose beautiful’ because when we do it unlocks happiness and confidence that impacts women’s self-esteem.”
“While we were filming,it was so clear that the women who chose to feel beautiful shined with a positive, empowered outlook,” said Paul Dektor, Film Director of Dove Choose Beautiful.  “We all have the personal and powerful ability to rise above others’ points of view, social media, and pop culture, and I hope the Dove Choose Beautiful film inspires women around the world to reconsider how they view their own beauty.”


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