Rajdeep Ranawat – Interview with accomplished creator of “Art to wear”

As Dubai gets ready to set the stage for one of the biggest fashion event En Vogue, Buzzingtales got a chance to chat up with the immensely talented young fashion designer Rajdeep Ranawat, who will be showcasing scintillating designs from his popular RR (Rajdeep Ranawat) brand, at the event.

Hi Mr.Rajdeep Ranawat, thanks for talking to us. Your designs are often described as an “Art to wear”. What are the major inspirations behind this art?

I am an artist and I love color. I create palettes over palettes and can’t ever stick to a particular color story or mood. Although keeping the season in mind, I immerse myself to that sort of mood and the topic of inspiration. We also like to give the clients options & thus create color ways in various hues of the same garment to give options as per their personality. If I would need to be partial, I love warm hues of reds, yellows, golds, oranges, blues etc. Although my major inspiration is from Nature itself… its colors, motifs, textures and everything else inspire me to no end.
Your training and work in Europe or your Indian root – which has played the major role in shaping the designer Rajdeep Ranawat?
I think it was mainly my experiences in Europe that nurtured my sensibilities to create what I create now. It helped me learn the professional side of the fashion business, the correct way to display clothing, to create a complete line/collection and the commercial aspect of creative designing.
Fashion is also about expressing individuality. What are the individual qualities the RR label
A ‘Rajdeep Ranawat’ label is the epitome of artistic clothing. The silhouettes are clean, simple, generic and comfortable in the most organic & silk based fabrics as deemed necessary – making the client feel like a dream! Our prints and color combinations entwined with exotic nature inspired embroideries are a treat to every woman’s wardrobe! Elegance, class and lure are our mantra!
The RR (Rajdeep Ranawat) is no doubt vibrant and resplendent. Yet the fashion world is intensely competitive. How does the RR label manage to standout from others?
I’ve never really seen any brand as a competition to myself as I’m true to my sensibilities, my work and a typical “RR” look that you can spot from a mile away. Fashion is competitive, but surprisingly we have had a great fan following for our brand & that only increased with each passing day. I guess we must be doing something right!!
What has been your most memorable moment & which has been the most challenging one?
My most memorable moment was when I did my first show at a Fashion Event. The ramp was set in the middle of a pool and I started the show with my collection followed by 10 others afterwards. I guess I set the benchmark since then! The most challenging moment for me was when I wanted to set up my factory – the finances, the workers, getting the right set of assistants, and learning the correct way of doing business. Back then I didn’t have much experience when it came down to running a domestic label.
What are your future visions?
I feel the future is now!!! I truly enjoy what I do and create each day. We just launched our own e-commerce website two months ago, www.rajdeepranawat.com to make our lovely stuff even more approachable. We also opened our flagship store in the capital, Delhi last month in one of the oldest vintage spaces in Leutens Delhi of the affluent!!! I prefer to go with the flow for a steady constant rise. I’m surely not in any hurry at the moment and can’t complain!
What advice would you give to young aspiring designers?

Be true to your beliefs and sensibilities, and let your designs reflect the personality. Never ape anyone where in the future someone points a finger at you or your hard work for any negative reason.

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