Interview with Hesham Malik – Celebrating the “Esparito”( Spirit)

Buzzingtales caught up with the extremely grounded Hesham Malik (An Artist) who is soon to paint live with Bollywood actor Hritik Roshanfor a charity auction event at Sotheby’s Auction House, Dubai. Though this interview you get a glimpse of his iron will to overcome personal adversities, by battling it with hope & the joy of giving. Read On!!
Hi Mr Hesham Malik, Thanks for taking time to chat up with us. It was wonderful seeing you paint with the children at Rashid Pediatric Center. Have you been associated with such initiatives earlier?
I used to paint with children with blurred vision in Canada. As an artist I used to paint with senior citizens. However in Dubai this is my first opportunity, but I am hopeful that in the future I get more such fulfilling opportunities through organizations line Senses & Al Noor.
What drives you to work with senior citizen and special needs children?
Normally when we paint we can see color. But what these children experience is complete ecstasy and thrill. The excitement they feel is infectious. It really touches the heart. The happiness on their face is the most cherished gift.
Being epileptic myself I somehow connected with their world; I feel at ease with them. As a child it was difficult for me to sit in class, be with other children or even to study. But I feel drawn to these children and I am completely comfortable among them. More than anythingit is fun to paint with the kids.
How did you come to paint abstract?
Every artist should have their own unique style and approach to painting. I was unable to find my style although I had started painting as a young boy. Once while I was painting outside I suffered a seizure and fell on my canvas. That produced a different combination of abstract entities and figures. After this episode I started deliberately painting abstract. That is how Hesaham’s style developed.
Your new collection that is part of charity auction is called “Esparito”. What does it mean?
Esparito is a Spanish word and literally means spirit. The word appeals to me for the simple reason that it has an artistic ring to it. I believe that our spirits are all connected to each other. When the spirits speak we listen. My spirit speaks though my paintings. Children are reflection of pure spirit of divinity. Through their unconditional affection
and purity I create imagery on to the canvas. I get a rare chance to witness their pristine spirits. The collection is a positive. Hope all will enjoy it.
What advice would you like to give to aspiring young artists?
I tell young people there is a lot to learn and absorb before you can paint. I have travelled widely, interacted and even lived with people of different culture. Unlike English and Math a lot of art also comes from within i.e. when we give it a free leash. One should add their own element. I personally like to add different texture so that there is disturbance and people are driven to interact. Sameness in an artwork is boring. Learning and experimenting are key ingredients. It’s a never ending process.
My Passion fuelled my painting. There is nothing I want to do or can do other than paint. I wanted to take my art to places. People may like my art but I value critical, comments a lot. It helps me grow as an artist. It challenges an artist and bring out the best.
How do you envision your future?
I would like to take my art to different places and people and not stick to museums and galleries. I like the sense of being part of community. There is nothing else in the world I want to do other than painting. But I want my art to penetrate the market. I am ready to take risks, learn and grow, and even fail that is what makes the path to progress a fun experience.

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