Instantly Ageless- ‘Botox in a sachet’

What would you say if a magical anti-aging secret lands right into your lap? – Or should I say a ‘Botox in a sachet’. Yes, you heard/read me right!!!  “Instantly Ageless”  promises   to miraculously diminish & fade away  your puffy eyes, thick/ fine lines and wrinkles in less than 2 minutes.  Who doesn’t want to wipe off those lines off their face and knock off a few years in Ahem… Ahem… just a few minutes!!! Instantly Ageless product claims to works best on apparent / visible affected area and provides the necessary results. Watch the videos below to get a grasp of things!!



video supplied by marketing team


When my review sample of the product arrived -needless to say- I was both apprehensive and excited. I am a great proponent of all things natural. Although I do the daily ritual of cleansing & moisturizing- most of my beauty treatment product come straight from my kitchen counter. So you can say my beauty products consist mostly of milk, cucumber, almond….yes you get the flow. So you can understand why I was getting jitters about using a novel & completely new product. All the same I have a little rebel inside me who surfaces every now & then. This apart from the obvious pull of unknown adventure and lure of stumbling upon something miraculous prompted me to try out the product.


  1. A very vital fact that made my choice of dabbing something new on my face easier was the promptness of the marketing team to make their product available for review. Only someone who is sure of their product quality will readily allow it to be scrutinized.


  1. Instantly Ageless needed to be applied only after applying moisturizer. As I did not need to apply it on my bare face it put me more at ease.

video supplied by marketing team

The verdict:

My face did look refreshed and rejuvenated. My review sample was for only 3 application and the still the difference in my skin was quiet evident.  The marketing team had pointed out earlier that the impact is most noticeable on visible & apparent areas. Hence the benefits of the product will be instantly seen in those with perceptible signs of aging. That is not to say that we need to wait for signs of aging to set in before erasing them. The product is not just for diminishing signs of aging but also to prevent or delay their occurrence. Prevention after all is the best cure


A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Some also believe that with eternal beauty we can have eternal joy.  Youth with its vibrant spirit is considered synonymous with beauty. Now who doesn’t want to look youthful? Some may find this hollow and argue about the beauty of aging gracefully. Beauty of the soul for some is vital, and youth they argue is momentary. No matter how skin deep beauty is for these rare species- I’m sure- even the greatest cynics will turn back for a chance to glance at a beauteous face.

Many people don’t even bat an eye-lid before going under the knife to achieve their parameters of beauty. While Buzzingtales really feels such an obsession with beauty has various underlying problems, it’s an individual decision at the end of the day. Desire for flawless skin drives many to take extreme steps. If you are about to take such drastic steps do look for less radical solutions. Instantly ageless with its powerful formulation claims to recreate similar or better results as a botox injection minus all the agonizing pain and distressing side effects. So all who desire a youthful appearance & wrinkle free flawless skin be informed there is one great product in the market – INSTANTLY AGELESS

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